Awesome / The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

  • Dangerous Beans facing down the Rat King, Spider.
    "I am not so blind that I cannot see darkness."
  • Darktan initiating the Rat Guard.
  • The fight with the terrier. Proof that Darktan has the potential to be almost as badass as Vimes.
    • A Real Life MoA for the actual rats that, historically, took the "Jacko" route out of a rat pit, thus providing inspiration for the scene.
  • Maurice caught the Death of Rats when he tried to take Dangerous Beans. Shortly followed by an awesome moment of heartwarming: Maurice, who supposedly cares for no one but himself, and certainly not for rats, gives up an extra one of his nine lives for Dangerous Beans.
  • Hamnpork going from 'old, outdated and soon to be replaced leader' to 'badass about to make a last stand'.
  • The BBC radio dramatization does simplify the story a little and gives it more of the kind of fairy-tale ending that the book deliberately avoids and Deconstructs, but it contains one glorious moment in the contest between Keith and the Rat Piper, where Sardines, followed by the other rats, break into a rousing rendition of There's No Business Like Show Business — after which Maurice steps up to the astonished audience and begins pouring on the charm and promoting the rats like the host of an infomercial.
    "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, thank you, thank you! You have been watching the Amazing Educated Rodents! My name is Maurice, and this is my friend Dangerous Beans. We'd like to take a few moments of your time to talk about an amazing business opportunity for your tourist trade! In the past, having rats has, to be frank, always had the tendency to keep visitors away. How would you like your rats to be the reason people come to bad Blintz?"