Funny / The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

  • The book actually starts out with a CMOF before the actual story starts, with the opening quote from Mr. Bunnsy Has An Adventure — which is silly, a little saccharine, obviously talking-down-to-the-audience, and actually pretty damn hilarious:
    "One day, when he was naughty, Mr Bunnsy looked over the hedge into Farmer Fred's field and it was full of green lettuces. Mr Bunnsy, however, was not full of lettuces. This did not seem fair."
  • Maurice's desperate ad-libbing on the naming of Bad Blintz — claiming that 'Bad' is "foreign for 'bath'" and that the name is proud advertising that the town has a bath — turning out to be right when Malicia specifically names the town bath as a tourist attraction.
  • The moment when Maurice, having pounced on the Death of Rats to protect Dangerous Beans, stands there for an instant with the Grim Squeaker in his mouth, flabbergasted by just how much trouble he's probably invited on himself by doing so.
  • Meta: This was the book that won PTerry the Carnegie Medal, an award for children's literature. Having been sent it in the post before the official presentation at a formal dinner, he noticed that it was the same size as a chocolate coin. PTerry made the obvious substitution, and when he was presented with the "medal" at the dinner, proceeded to unwrap and eat it in front of the astonished award committee and guests.