Funny / The Last Hero

  • Albert's attempts to explain the Uncertainty Principle to Death, using a cat in a box.
    • The cat dies when the air runs out?
    • Things will have come to a pretty pass, Albert, if I did not know whether a thing was dead or alive without having to go and look.
    • Anyway, I don't hold with cruelty to animals.
      • The illustration of a kitten playing with Death of Rats's tail.
  • They mention how one of the Silver Horde died by choking on a concubine. They meant cucumber. Hilarity Ensues.
    "Very important difference in a salad situation."
  • One of the final scenes, where Cohen and the Silver Horde have finally died after falling off Cori Celesti into the equivalent of a nuclear explosion; the Valkyries turn up to take them to Valhalla, and they decide they don't feel like being dead, so they proceed to mug the Valkyries and steal their horses!
  • "The Circulation of the Vomit" will leave you in stitches.
  • Rincewind recalling the worst birthday present he ever received: A badge with the text "Hello, I Am Five Today!" On his sixth birthday, no less.
    • The mean little girl who popped his balloon when he was six, inspiring him to ask for a blue balloon as a reward from the gods.
    Rincewind: I don't like to talk about it.
  • Also an awesome moment, but Rincewind, explaining why he's volunteering by refusing to volunteer for the mission, confuses the hell out of Vetinari.
  • The motto Rincewind comes up with for the space mission patch: Morituri nolumus mori. "We who are about to die don't want to."