Heartwarming / The Wee Free Men

  • Tiffany: "I never cried for Granny because there was no need to" ... "Because she never left me!"
  • The Drome in the Jolly Sailor dream, in a way that also managed to be a Tear Jerker for a creature that had before that been depicted solely as predatory Paranoia Fuel.
    "It thinks it's home, Tiffany thought. I've given it a dream it likes."
  • Granny Aching reappearing to Tiffany in the china shepherdess's dress, proving she'd appreciated the gift without spoken words.
  • Tiffany finds Wentworth extremely annoying and doesn't even thinks she loves him all that much — yes, she goes to Fairyland to save him, but she's convinced that's just because he's her brother and the elves had no right to take what was hers... However, her actions betray her: The moment she finds Wentworth, even if he is in the middle of crying and being a real brat, she immediately picks him up in her arms and whispers: "It's Tiffy. And we're going home."