Heartwarming / Steambot Chronicles

  • While it's true that the game does have plenty tearjerker moments, it does have some sweet spots. Most notably is the way Connie and Vanilla's relationship can play out. If done correctly, players can essentially have Vanilla be a shy youth whose trying to recover his past, and slowly realizing he's falling in love with the girl who saved his life.
  • There's also one possible sequence in the hero ending, when Vanilla can hold Connie after Savory dies and Dandelion is arrested. And of course the credits has Connie watching Vanilla's ship sail away, singing her latest song while wearing a hat the player could buy for her as a gift.
  • The sidequests that actually benefit the Non Player Characters. There's one where you can help a foreign nun who lives in a rundown house outside of Nefroburg with three orphans. You can donate things to her and also help the three orphans find homes. At the end, she leaves a letter saying she's going home.