Heartwarming / Samurai 7

  • "I will never let go of this hand again." The first case of Ship Tease for Katsushiro/Kirara shippers.
  • Any of the interaction Kikuchiyo has with Komachi is adorable but a specific case is just before the Final Battle. Kikuchiyo proudly declares that he will die with honor, but Komachi doesn't like this. So Kiku entrusts Komachi with his "family" scroll. In turn, she promises to be his wife when she grows up, and he tearfully accepts. The heart shaped puff of steam from his head really sells the moment.
  • In Episode 17, Kikuchiyo asks Heihachi what a samurai really is. Heihachi gives him a simple answer:
    "Look in a mirror. You'll see one staring back."
  • Even though they're the bad guys, there's something oddly heartwarming about the Commander-in-Chief of the Nobuseri carrying one of his wounded comrades back to the Capital where he can be repaired, and assuring his comrade that he would survive when he was sure he was dying.
  • Kikuchiyo relating to Katsushiro as an outcast among the other five samurai. It makes the creation of Chico for The Magnificent Seven 46 years prior to this anime all the more believable.
  • After it's revealed that Kikuchiyo is a farmer's son, Komachi says she doesn't mind and that it means he can help with the harvest. It's then that Kanbei truly accepts Kikuchiyo into the team.