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Awesome: Samurai 7
  • Kanbei saving Kirara in episode 2 has two moments; one for Kirara for the sheer nerve to throw herself from a great height to escape Ukyo's goons, in the surety that Kanbei will save her, and Kanbei for rescuing her by hitching an unorthodox lift on a...well, lift.
  • Gorobei's Arrow Catch. While the first one was impressive the second takes it Up to Eleven by catching not one but five arrows. One of them in his teeth!
  • Special mention must be made of Rikichi, and his attempt to shoot a Nobuseri Humongous Mecha with one of their own BFGs. It fails, but it was a noble effort by someone who spent the journey to Kanna as The Load. A subsequent attempt works!
  • Ukyo acing the test to become Emperor. Then he decides he'd rather have all that power sooner rather than later and takes it the old fashioned way.
  • Kiku's Dying Moment of Awesome. Cutting the crashing capital ship in half with a disposed Nobusari sword. When Komachi and Kirara find his remains later, all that's left is his feet... and it becomes clear from the pattern of the dirt that he didn't budge a single inch in his last stand to protect the village.
  • Also, episode 21. Two Nobuseri have been betrayed by Ukyo, and call him on it. Calmly, he turns around and continues his croquet the main cannons of his Imperial Capital airship blow the giant robots to pieces not five feet away from him.

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