Tearjerker / Samurai 7

  • Kikuchiyo's death, whose scene probably had more impact than the rest of the samurai. Gorobei dies extremely early on in the show, Heihachi's death is more badass than sad, and Kyuzo's death is rather sudden, and gets viewers less sad and more angry at Katsushiro for his clumsy use of a gun. Kikuchiyo's death was preceded by him promising little Komachi that he'll return alive, and fulfill her wish of marrying Kikuchiyo when she grows up. After he's cleaved an entire warship in half and melted, we get a scene of Komachi, holding the scroll Kiku entrusted her with, crying and being hugged by her sister.
  • Like in the original, Kikuchiyo's speech which ends with him collapsing in despair and rage.