Heartwarming / Rival Schools

  • Hideo's marriage proposal to Kyoko in his United By Fate ending. Made even more adorable when she accepts. This is continued in the sequel, in which he's hospitalized (but okay) and she takes care of him, reminding him of their upcoming wedding.
  • The Hopeless Boss Fight from the sequel has a really nice moment if the player's using the Taiyo team with Hinata, Kyosuke and Batsu. Hinata is used as a hostage by Kurow, to force Batsu and Kyosuke to fight him and his group... but as soon as the fight is over, no matter the result, it turns out that Roy and Tiffany snuck in the battle grounds and have already rescued her. Quite the Character Development for Roy, who once was a racist Jerk Ass but now shows that he does care for other people than himself.