Funny / Rival Schools

  • The premise of the game is having students' from distinct cliques and clubs fight each other... and there is not a single representative from a martial arts' club.
  • Boman's ending in United By Fate. His idea of an English lesson is interesting to say the least...
  • Nagare's movelist involves him swimming through the air at his opponent. And doing damage with it!
    • His Team-Up in Project Justice has him engage in synchronized swimming with his partner and the other fighter.
  • Ran's Team-Up attack involves taking a group shot (I guess it'd be called a selfie these days...) with her partner and the other fighter.
  • Raizo's Team-Up has him hurl his partner head-first into the other fighter.
  • Hinata has a mid-air projectile where she kicks her shoe off at her opponent. She can do this move three times.
  • Daigo's Team-Up is the funniest case of Punch! Punch! Punch! Uh Oh..., being that Daigo lands right inbetween the two fighters while the enemy executes the trope... all while Daigo's ally are suddenly mimicking the punching in the air, and squealing in joy when Daigo uppercuts the enemy down. It doesn't matter if his ally is a teacher (Hideo, Kyoko or Hayato) or the chairman (Raizo) or even a cold-hearted Magnificent Bastard (Hyo), they will cheer and worship/praise Daigo