Heartwarming: Preacher

  • "I love you, Tulip. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone, and I'll love you until the end of the world."
  • In this vein, Jesse's parting words to Cindy in the Salvation arc.
  • Jesse and a freshly-resurrected Tulip embracing as the L'Angelle house goes up in flames.
  • "So you're a girl. That needn't be so bad."
  • Issue #54, aptly titled "I Built My Dreams Around You".
  • Preacher is full of horrible things. But the end was quite sweet and felt like it should be. Tulip leaves to go to New York, like she said she would... Jesse shows up later, on a horse, tells her he'll always love her, and they ride off into the sunset together on said horse. The real kicker comes from the tears streaming down Jesse's face. He had not cried previously since he was a little boy due to his awful childhood. Cassidy comes back as a human, climbs in the truck with the picture of the three of them on the dash, and drives off to make a new, happier life. It made me cry, just a little bit, right there in the comic shop.
  • The inbred freak-girl from Texas falling in love with poor Arseface was strangely adorable and heartwarming. Finally, he came out on top!
    • Especially given that he looked like James Dean. Arseface is the only character shown to be genuinely trying to be a good person overall, and is something of an innocent.
  • The Cowboy's final message to Jesse.
    Jesse: Hey. I want to thank you.
    Cowboy: Thank me fer what...?
    Jesse: For bein' a goddamn hero.
    Cowboy: Hell, pilgrim, I'm just a ...broke-down, wore-out ol' cowboy. But this broke-down, wore-out cowboy wanted ya to know, He's prouda ya.
  • Tulip growing up and bonding with her father, him accepting her as his daughter, teaching her to shoot and hunt.
  • Am I the only one who thought that the interactions between Hoover and Featherstone (Starrīs two assistants) were heartwarming?
  • Jesse admitting to Hoover that what he did was wrong, and then using the Word to help him get past the trauma associated with it, was a nice thing to do. It also demonstrates Jesse's Character Development, since Hoover had pointed a gun at him and that would have been enough for the old Jesse to kick the shit out of him