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Heartwarming: Pokémon Colosseum

Pokemon Colosseum

  • When Wes and Rui break into Plusle's cell, the little guy looked really happy to see you/Wes.
    • Once returned to Duking, Plusle asks to go with Wes and Rui. That's right, this little guy was not given to Wes as a gift, nope. Plusle "wanted" to join them in their fight against Cipher!
  • Seeing Celebi appear after using a Time Flute.
  • Receiving Jirachi from the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc (what a Tinker Bell imitator). Must admit it though, the way it blinks at you is just so cute.
  • Wes has an Espeon and Umbreon, two Pokemon who can only be obtained via friendship. Even when he was a villain he was nice to his Pokemon! Awww!
    • In each Pokemon's profile is a log of where you caught that Pokemon. Espeon and Umbreon's? "Players old friend."
  • Not gonna lie, any time a Shadow Pokemon gets rehabilitated and reopens the door to their heart gives me the warm fuzzies. That triumphant fanfare really adds to the moment.
  • I found it really sweet that Rui still decided to trust Wes even after finding out he was a former member of Snagem. She only recently just met the guy but she's going to stick by him, and I found that incredibly thoughtful on her part to look past his background like that and just trust him, like a true friend. (or is she?)

Pokemon XD

  • The backstories behind Eevee and Togepi. Awww!
  • If you beat Greevil again after purifying all Shadow Pokemon, you'll see a brief cutscene of the hero putting his Snag Machine away, as it's not needed anymore. Gives a nice feeling of closure.

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