Funny / Pokémon Colosseum

  • Miror B. What else can be said?
    • The dance moves and speech pattern are key factors.
    Miror B.: Fuhohoho! This is perking up my spirit and body! Oh, I feel like dancing!
  • Some lovely use of an Incredibly Lame Pun by one of Miror B.'s flunkies.
    "I love chowing down after a job! It adds to the flavor, I swear."
  • A hilarious remark about the Snag Machine.
    Team Snagem Grunt: "Hey, Wes! Come on, hand it over! Give back the Snag Machine you ripped off from the hideout!"
    Rui: "Snag Machine? Wes, do you really have something like that?"
    Team Snagem Grunt: "No, this is just a REALLY fancy coat sleeve."