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Heartwarming: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Sure these games are scary as hell. Who's to say they're scary all the time?

Red/Blue Rescue Team
  • The moment where you're exiled from town, seemingly by the will of all the townsfolk, yet when you leave all the Pokemon you have rescued in the past came to see you off.
  • The ending. That's all I am saying, also a huge Tear Jerker.
    • But if you wish very hard...
  • Gengar's Heel-Face Turn at the end of Murky Caves in the arc where he asks you to help him break the curse on Gardevoir.
  • Latios and Latias' reunion. Especially since there was that little moment where he pulls back to get a good look at his sister before embracing her again.

Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
  • (Moved to their page Here.)

Gates to Infinity
  • (Moved to their own page Here.)

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