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Heartwarming: Pirates of the Caribbean

Curse of the Black Pearl

  • In Curse Of The Black Pearl, after Barbossa is shot and Elizabeth and Will had reunited.
  • Near the end:
    Commodore Norrington: You forget your place, Turner.
    Will Turner: It's right here, between you and Jack.
  • Jack's drunken monologue to Elizabeth.
    "Wherever we want to go, go, that's what a ship is don't ya know. It's not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails, that's what a ship needs. But what a ship is, what the Black Pearl really freedom."
  • Watch Norrington during Jack's hanging — he's completely stone-faced, and when Elizabeth says it's wrong and her father responds, Norrington doesn't say a word but just looks at his boots. He agrees with her, but as Swann says, "Commodore Norrington is bound by the law."
    • And during the same scene, the simple sight of Cotton's parrot, foreshadowing that they've come back for Jack after all.
    Jack: I though you were to keep to the Code?
    Gibbs: We figured they was more like guide lines.
  • Will calling Jack a "good man" after his failed rescue attempt. Considering everything the man has done (and put Will and Elizabeth through) that's saying a lot.
    • Jack himself was so flattered that when it came time to say goodbye, all he could do was tell Will was "Nice hat".
  • "It couldn't hurt to give him one day's head start."
  • In a small way, Jack revealing that he knew Will's father, giving Will the first truthful description of Bill Turner he's ever heard.
    Jack: Good man. Good pirate. I swear, you look just like him.
  • While sailing into Port Royal, Jack removes his hat in respect for the hanged pirates he passes.

Dead Man's Chest

  • When Beckett asks the newly arrested Will and Elizabeth if they remember a "pirate by the name of Jack Sparrow", they instantly reply simultaneously with "Captain."
  • During the final battle against the Kraken, it grabs Elizabeth's foot and starts to drag her away, but Ragetti of all people saves her. Bear in mind that he went from torturing the poor girl's mind in the first film, and fighting her in sword combat earlier in this film, to saving her life by chopping the Kraken's tentacle off with an axe.

At World's End

  • After Barbossa has failed to release Calypso from her human bonds, Ragetti says, "You didn't say it right! You have to say it right!" And then he leans in, brushes hair away from Tia Dalma's ear and whispers, "Calypso?...I release you from your human bonds."
    • Keep in mind, the rite stipulates that the line must be said like a lover and his bashful way of saying it "like a lover" is really cute.
  • The brief but noticeable grin of relief on Jack's face when he sees Will emerging as the Captain of the Dutchman, alive and well.
  • This bit:
    Tia Dalma/Calypso: And what of your fate... Davy Jones?
    Davy Jones: My heart will always belong to you.
  • When Big Bad Cutler Beckett is finally beaten, and everybody is celebrating. This is doubly so with Captain Teague (aka Jack's father) throwing his own hat up with a smile as if to say "You did great, son."
  • At the very end of the credits, we see that Elizabeth kept her word and waited for Will for ten years. And as a bonus, they have a son now.
  • "Goodbye, Poppet." Nice to see Elizabeth and Pintel parting on good terms.
  • Preceded by "Mrs. Turner."
  • "What makes you think she's alone?"
    • Even though Elizabeth didn't need the rescuing, given everything Barbossa put her through in the first film, it's a nice touch. It's also the first hint we have of how many former enemies will end up banding together during the course of the film.
  • In an ironic way, Barbossa gets one despite the fact that he stole the Black Pearl again. But this time he left Jack safely on Tortuga with money, food, and Mr. Gibbs. Yes he still stole the Pearl but he didn't do it in a vindictive way like last time.
    • Hell some of the crew even felt bad about it!
  • Maelstrom! Elizabeth's immediate reaction? "Captain Barbossa! We need you at the helm!" And her subsequent smile as he takes the helm and starts barking orders. The heartwarming part comes when you contrast it with her "You've doomed us all!" reaction to the waterfall earlier and realize just how much these two have come to respect and trust each other.

On Stranger Tides

  • Mr. Gibbs making Captain Jack Sparrow admit to having feelings about Angelica and she wasn't just like any other girl in his past.
    • The ending, which shows that despite their screwed up relationship, Jack and Angelica still love each other, and always will.
  • Philip and Syrena's kiss towards the end, depending on how you interpret the following scene.
  • In a strange way (no pun intended), in a scene that mirrors the end of the first film, there's something about the moment when Jack finally gets hold of his ship that really closes out the movie.
  • When Barbossa finally tracks down Blackbeard and stabs him he gets this line...
    Barbossa: For the Pearl.
  • This little moment
    Barbossa: *reveals a hidden stash of rum in his peg leg*
    Barbossa: *immediately shares his rum*
  • After Barbossa admits to Jack that what he really wants is revenge against Blackbeard, Jack's response is a surprisingly heartfelt, "I'll see you get the chance, Mate." The heartwarming part comes when you realize that, while "Mate" is a fairly common pirate term, he's using it here with the utmost sincerity to address his former first mate.
    • It's an acknowledgement that the two of them both loved the Black Pearl and Jack understands Barbossa's wish to avenge it.
  • Gibbs waited for Jack. There was nothing to stop him from walking off with the sackful of bottled ships, not Captain's orders (there were none) and certainly not the Pirate's Code. He got that prize all on his lonesome, with a little help from the compass, and it's his by rights. "Take what you can, give nothing back..." But Gibbs waits.

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