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Heartwarming: Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind
  • After the Pejite had kidnapped and tortured a baby Ohm to lure its enraged family to the Valley, Nausicaa managed to convince the baby Ohm that she means no harm to it, placing herself in danger to stop it from the acid lake.
    • And when Nausicaa herself was burned by the acid in the lake, it is suggested that the baby Ohm sensed what she had done to save it and took away her pain.
    • And when after Nausicaa had died, sacrificing herself so that the rampaging Ohms wouldn't destroy the Valley, the Ohms used their powers to revive her. When she wakes up, she spots the baby Ohm on the head of another Ohm, waving towards her.
  • The God-Warrior thinking Nausicaa is its mother.
  • The film's closing image of Nausicaa's hat sheltering a new tree growth.
  • The Pejite civilians who help Nausicaa escape.
    Nameless Woman: Please forgive us. What our people did was horribly wrong.
  • What?! NO one is going to mention Nausicaa's first encounter with Teto?!
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