Fridge / Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind

Fridge Horror

  • The animation goof in the movie. The animation goof has Nausicaš's dress mysteriously change completely blue when another animation sequence is shown. However, during that split second, the Ohmu managed to bleed so much it dyed her dress entirely blue (When before it wasn't shown as instantly turning it blue) and even managed to get on her back. The Ohmu bled that much.
    • It's not an animation goof, it's deliberate. The baby Ohmu was deliberately shown spurting blood like a fire hose for precisely this reason.

Fridge Brilliance

  • The flashback of a younger Nausicaa wanting to keep a baby Ohmu as a pet, on first viewing, doesn't really seem to have much significance to the plot. However, if you think about it, Nausicaa's flashback - in which a baby Ohmu is depicted as harmless and helpless - encourages the audience to feel sympathy for a member of a species shown through earlier parts of the film to be dangerous. What happens in a later scene? A baby Ohmu is used as bait for the rest of its species. If the horrifying way the Ohmu is used doesn't encourage the audience to feel bad for it, the earlier flashback scene - even on a subconscious level - does. In short, the film uses a seemingly random flashback to manipulate the emotions of the audience in preparation for the climax. Well played, Miyazaki-san.