Awesome / Nausicań of the Valley of the Wind

  • The Ohmu's Dream, which is also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. Nausicaa's final choice at the end of the manga is the Crowning Moment that the entire story had been building up to.
  • Nausicaa had several Moments Of Awesome, from when she slaughtered a room full of men after find they had killed her father to jumping straight into a poisonous forest filled with dangerous animals and poisonous spores without her protective mask to flying right into, and taking out, two guardsman to hijack a flying machine and rescue a baby Ohmu even though she was shot in the side to charging alone against an entire enemy cavalry and stopping them by confusing their beasts with a "buzzer" projectile. For being a Messianic Archetype, Nausicaa was pretty damn badass.
  • Even though he gets knocked out, Asbel turning a gun on his fellow Pejitei who have captured Nausicaä and ordering them to let her go, even as so far as to let off a warning shot.
  • Asbel is actually Bad Ass. He is a pretty experienced fighter and no stranger to hand-to-hand combat.
  • A bioengineered war giant the size of a skyscraper, cowering in fear because his mommy is angry.
  • Although we only see it a few times, Lord Yupa's skill as a famed swordmaster is evident in any scene where he intervenes to prevent a bad situation from boiling over into something bloodier. After the aforementioned massacre in which Nausicaa slaughters the troops who killed her father in a blind rage, Lord Yupa holds her and the Tolmekians at bay by holding a knife up to the latter's neck, and disarming Nausicaa by blocking her sword with his own wrist......and he completely ignores the wound.
    • Yupa singlehandedly disarming an entire company of soldiers who were in the midst of slaughtering all the Pejite survivors on their airship, securing the survival of all those still left aboard.
    • Being voiced by Badass Baritone Patrick Stewart also helps.
  • Meta: Someone succussfully created a real life M÷we.