Heartwarming / My Girlfriend Is the President

As a "dating" game of sorts, heartwarming moments are expected. Due to pretty much everyone having their first time at love in this story, the moments are heartwarming indeed.

Be forewarned: There are many unmarked spoilers ahead.

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    Irina Route 
  • Irina giving up the presidency of Russia to be with Jun again. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome because she basically flipped Guardian the bird.
    "I'm home, Yukino."

    Ezekiel Route 
  • Pick a moment with Scatnyan John, any of them.
  • Ell considers the clothes that Junichiro bought her to be her treasure. She later considers anything he gives her to be a treasure.
  • Qoo wanting to adopt the Earth custom is Christmas and give Ell a Christmas Present.
    • Then what Ell actually wanted as her Christmas present. To bear Junichiro's child.
      • Then the actual Christmas gift. After Ell had sacrificed herself to save Junichiro and everyone else, Qoo and Remi saved her and reincarnated her body as a human. Qoo specifically mentioned she looked forward to seeing her grandchild, meaning Ell will get her Christmas wish.
  • Junichiro pledging his life to Ell.
  • When all of the Snow House staff, despite being told to evacuate, sneaks on board the starship to fight for Ell against Remi, even going as far as to call Ell a member of their Snow House family. Where are the tissues?
  • After Remi is defeated, she and Ell finally reconcile.
  • When Remi is defeated and Qoo is freed, Remi bawls, crying "Mama!", happy to be accepted again by Qoo as her daughter.
  • The entire Ell/Jun backstory.
  • Qoo's So Proud of You moment.
    Qoo: Ell, you are no longer just a starship. You are a real girl who can love someone. You are my proud daughter.

    Ran Route 
  • Junichiro refuses to kiss Feather Moon to transform, even knowing he can't fight off Kuon, because it wouldn't be right since he loves Ran.
    • He does this twice.
  • Ran and Junichiro love each other, even though Ran has admitted that she is an alien who stole the original Ran's body.
  • When Kuon gains something of a crush on Junichiro, it's quite sweet to see the Ice Queen giggle, affectionately extend her hand to his cheek, call him a gentleman and even blow him a kiss.
  • Qoo cheering Ell up, after Remi ruined the sandwiches she made, by suggesting Ell should learn her how to make sandwiches too so they can make and eat them together. This makes Ell very happy.
  • Saionji finally giving Ran and Junichiro his blessings.
  • Remi, after some encouragement from Saionji, apologizing to Ell for ruining her sandwiches and even calling her by her name instead of the usual "piece of junk".

    Yukino Route 
  • After learning that she will lose all of her memories of the past few weeks and thus the relationship she and Junichiro have developed, Yukino has a Heroic B.S.O.D.. After a failed attempt by Junichiro to cheer her up, he leaves her alone in her room and she discovers a card he left for her:
    No matter what happens, I'll always love you.

    Universal To All Routes 
  • When Ell kisses Junichiro for the first time, and he enters his Super Mode to fight for and protect the girls.
  • YMMV, but the SP Commander's "sacrifice" so Junichiro could peek on the girls could count as this.
  • The friendship between Morita and Junichiro in general.