Funny / My Girlfriend Is the President

  • Segway chase! Gyuuuuuuuuuuun~
  • The attack of the non-Space Invaders at the end of Ell's route. Complete with censor bars over the Invader's eyes.
  • The ENTIRE hot springs segment, from having to trade for the map on.
    • And if you do not pick the girl's route, you get the Gay ending
  • When Ran finally unleashes the naked apron she teased about earlier in the story. Just as Jun starts to put the moves on her Ran sees that Ell is staring at them and Ran appropriately freaks out.
  • Ell calling Scatnyan John "Johnichiro".
  • The whole "peek on Yukino in her bloomers" segment. From Kuon jumping at the chance to "take care" of an aroused Irina, to Ell and Remi wrecking the hall with bullets, bombs and whatnot, to Jun finally making it to the dressing room where he runs into a half-naked... Morita?!
    Morita: (surrounded by Love Bubbles) God, I am beautiful...
    Junichiro: God is dead!!
  • How the game treats Heroic Sacrifices.
    Nipponese Soldier B: Captain, I'm sorry for being a burden... If I die, please delete my hard disk data...
    Nipponese Soldier A: Hey, don't fall asleep! You won't get a chance to make an appearance if you sleep!
    Embracing the soldier in his arms, the commanding officer let out a soulful cry.
    If he faints here, he may not appear in the ending. It happens often in Hollywood movies.
    Yukino: Everyone...
    Junichiro: Don't be so down, Yukino. Our fight's only begun.
    Yukino: Yeah, you're right. We have to do our best for everyone who died for us!
    Nipponese Soldier B: President... we're not dead...
    Nipponese Soldier A: Shut up. The president is getting motivated. Just go back to sleep! (*knocks him out cold*)
    Nipponese Soldier B: Guh!
    Ah, he hit him. How cruel.
    • Morita's "Death" in Yukino's route is the best example. Jun even lampshades it.
  • Qoo Little-Little's very own brand of Shipper on Deck when Ell and Junichiro grow closer and closer to each other.
    Qoo: Oh? You seem to have gotten quite intimate when I wasn't looking.
    Qoo: Did you cum inside already?
  • Anytime Yukino does a speech. Yes we cum!