Heartwarming / Minecraft





  • After you kill the Enderdragon, you are treated to a conversation between two strange beings, who appear to be the true architects and creators of Minecraft. What they say, and what they say to you, is strangely heartwarming.
  • Parent animals surrounding their babies.
    • And some mods add more animals, and therefore more cute babies (and pets)!
    • Taking care of turtle eggs until they hatch into baby turtles, and protecting them until they grow into adults is a great source of Video Game Caring Potential. Especially with the very cute and tiny baby turtles.
  • The Iron Golems handing roses to Villager children is quite touching.
  • Snow Golems. They have little health and no attack, and yet they will throw snowballs at monsters just to protect you.
  • The fact that despite the villagers getting menaced by zombies and possibly wiped out, you can step in and save them.
  • Wolves love you more than their own pack and their own lives after you tame them, they even let you injure them.
  • Cats are adorable and Creepers will refuse to come near one. Having one with you can take off some of the pressure of being blown the hell up.
  • Most of the game's soundtrack is heartwarming.
  • Dolphins. Having such unusual friends to help you swim and find treasure is quite reassuring during a post-apocalypse.