Heartwarming / Mega Man NT Warrior

All the heartwarming moments from the anime adaption of Mega Man Battle Network

    Nt Warrior 
  • ProtoMan risking deletion just to save a little girl's Net Navi.
  • The entirety of Megaman's return in episode 25. After everything Lan and his friends went through, to see our Blue Bomber come back and save Protoman from deletion by Pharaohman was just icing on the cake. And then we got Style Change...
    • This is also the episode where it establishes Chaud and Protoman's later respect for our blue duo in later series, because the bickering tones down immensely.
    • Also, Roll's hug to Mega as soon as he's back home. He's even blushing!
  • Chaudís attitude towards Yai, while he spends most of their shared screen time harassing her, the anime frequently shows him smiling at these interactions, and his English VA makes it sound like heís riling her up because he likes watching her go off. Itís obvious he thinks sheís adorable at some points.

  • Torchman's revival!
  • Raoul saving Laika from falling support beams.
  • Maylu and Roll trying to Cross Fuse just to help Lan and Mega relax from most of their time Net Saving.
  • Chaud and Dark ProtoMan's Battle in the Center of the Mind. All of it. Especially the final portion, when Chaud corners Dark ProtoMan on the roof of his old home. Chaud starts walking over, and Dark ProtoMan, by this point desperate to keep him away, fires a shot at him. Chaud just takes it, and, despite the pain, keeps walking. Dark ProtoMan starts panicing and fires blast after blast, to little or no effect. And when Chaud emerges from the smoke, he's transformed as if he'd successfully preformed Cross Fusion. Dark ProtoMan freaks out and stabs Chaud... which does little more than crack his visor. Chaud continues to approach, and Dark ProtoMan, now trapped, starts screaming, just as the sun peaks out over the hills. In the real world, we see Lan as MegaMan, who, in spite of being strangled, gets a hand on Dark ProtoMan and starts purifying his code. And then we see what Chaud did to Dark ProtoMan, he gave him a hug. Thus turning Dark ProtoMan to dust and restoring ProtoMan's original program. Now that's friendship at it's finest!

  • Maylu finally getting to perform Cross Fusion in order to help Lan in his Net Saver battles. After being on the sidelines for most of Axess and half of Stream, she was finally able to do something she only dreamed of.
    • Also, Dex attempting to Cross Fuse before Maylu succeeded: he wanted to do it so that he could protect Maylu and help Lan.

  • Zoanoroid FreezeMan sacrificing his own life to protect IceMan's.
  • In episode 21, Iris and Barryl almost manage to break through Gregar's control on Colonel.Exe before Colonel retreats.
  • In a scene that's supposed to be more comedic during episode 22, Lan jokes about Chaud's standoffishness causing a Sneeze Cut. While the first time was for comedic effect, Chaud smiles the second time as that means Lan's still alive, proving once against he cares about his best friends.
    • Kirisaki's Adaptional Heroism and his determination to save the Net Agents' Beyondard counterparts even has him smiling more in contrast to his original personality. MegaMan and KillerMan.Exe even get along and trick the CutMan brothers just through combat alone. In fact, the Commander was the one who saved his life despite being a mercenary.
    • Even though it's not his Masa/, Lan and Maylu are obviously happy to see their old friend again.