Heartwarming / Memories of Emanon

  • The reason that Emanon decided to talk to the Narrator wasn't just to get away from some drunks, but because he looked like one of her husbands from a previous lifetime. She even tempted the idea that The Narrator was a reincarnation of him.
  • Chapter 2, when The Narrator meets Emanon's Daughter, who by Genetic Memory is also Emanon. At first it seems like a Tear Jerker with Mistaken Identity was going to be set up, but then Daughter!Emanon says that she still remembers, and probably won't forget their conversation 13 years ago, which is made more touching when you realize that with her age, one night for her probably feels the same as one second to us. That and the fact that 13 years later The Narrator still has the note Emanon left next to him.