Heartwarming / Lethal Weapon

  • Leo's poignant story about his pet frog Froggie. Also a bit of a Tear Jerker.
    • A subtle moment: Riggs tries to apologise for him and Roger always picking on Leo. Leo's response is "it's ok, it's ok", but not said in his usual frenetic annoying matter. Rather, very calmly and reflecting a greater amount of maturity at this point in his character arc.
  • Roger trying to teach his son how to shave. The film could have played up blaming him for the shooting: nooope, he blames his friend for getting involved in guns. So do the dead boy's family, who rather than be angry at Roger are angry at the gang their son was in.
    • Doesn't stop Daryl's mother from slapping Roger.
  • Riggs' Christmas present for Roger at the end of the first film - the bullet he was going to use to kill himself
  • Riggs courting Rika, Dutch girl working for the South African consulate, was adorable as the two obviously liked each other.
  • How does Riggs unwind after his first day with a new partner? He finds an underage prostitute and gives her $200 to watch The Three Stooges with him.
  • Riggs befriending an Angry Guard Dog.
  • Lorna deciding to let Riggs in on her investigation.
  • Riggs talking Roger down from his Heroic B.S.O.D. by pointing out how important Roger is to him, going so far as to say the Murtaughs are the only family he has.
  • Meta example: Riggs and Murtaugh's on-screen chemistry was so real, the actors couldn't help but become real life friends as a consequence.