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Heartwarming: Lethal Weapon
  • Leo's story about his pet frog Froggie. Also a bit of a Tear Jerker.
  • Roger trying to teach his son how to shave. The film could have played up blaming him for the shooting: nooope, he blames his friend for getting involved in guns. So do the dead boy's family, who rather than be angry at Roger are angry at the gang their son was in.
  • Riggs' Christmas present for Roger at the end of the first film - the bullet he was going to use to kill himself
  • Riggs courting Rika, Dutch girl working for the South African consulate, was adorable as the two obviously liked each other.
  • How does Riggs unwind after his first day with a new partner? He finds an underage prostitute and gives her $200 to watch The Three Stooges with him.
  • Riggs befriending an Angry Guard Dog.
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