Funny / Lethal Weapon

  • The exploding toilet.
  • Most of the time that the "1, 2, 3, then go" issue comes up, which becomes a joint Crowning Moment of Heartwarming and Awesome the last time it occurs during the fourth movie.
  • Both the opening of the third movie, and the little bit after the ending credits. Especially the latter, where Riggs and Murtagh show up just before the bomb goes off - and they take off like a bat outta hell.
  • "My mom says cops shoot black people!" Riggs busted up laughing, and it looked to me like Mel Gibson was genuinely laughing, too.
  • The look on Roger's face when he realizes the commercial Rianne was in is a condom commercial.
    • Followed by that guy who was building Roger's hobby room commenting about how she was so good in the commercial, it made him want to go out and buy rubbers. Riggs barely contains his laughter.
    • Roger ends up receiving a "rubber tree" from his collegues.
    • Much later, Leo is watching TV and sees the commercial and Roger quickly tries to cover up the TV.
  • When that smug Prima Donna Director fires Rianne on the spot, Riggs convinces him to hire her back at a higher salary by smacking him around like a redheaded stepchild, while passing it all off as an attempt to help the director back on his feet.
  • When Murtaugh pulls his gun on Riggs for interrupting his Drowning My Sorrows moment, Riggs goes and pulls a Daffy Duck by sticking his finger in the barrel of the gun and taking Roger's bottle away. It gets better, as Roger then says "Get your finger out of my bottle and give me that gun!"
    • And then, once he smacks some sense to Murtaugh... well, see Papa Wolf.
  • Riggs ramming his dislocated shoulder into a wall to re-set it with a massive grimace of pain—six inches in front of his psychologist's face. She just gives him a resigned look.
  • "How do I know you're the police?"
    "After I shoot you through the door, you can examine the bullet! Open up!"
  • After Riggs and Murtagh are demoted, they have to deal with a jaywalker. Said jaywalker turns out to be a little obnoxious, so Riggs deals with the problem by pretending that they're just gonna kill him.
  • In 4, Riggs keeps hanging the picture of Murtaugh in his underwear. Murtaugh is getting more than furious.
    Murtaugh: This shit ain't funny anymore!
    • After the two were promoted to captain, they see it again.
      Riggs: Could we please knock out this shit already? This is your captain speaking.
      • He then puts it back up immediately after Murtaugh walks away.
  • Also in 4, Butters arrests a waiter from the restaurant who's at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Butters: You have the right to remain silent. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, we will get you the dumbest fuckin' laywer on Earth. If you get Johnnie Cochran, I'll kill you!
    • Then, after the guy turns out to be a waiter, he promises to sue Butters for the arrest, saying "Johnnie Cochran! He fight for me!"
  • The opening car chase from Lethal Weapon 2
    [Riggs is about to drive up onto the center divider of an overpass in Trish's new car during a pursuit]
    Murtaugh: You're not going to make it!
    Riggs: Yes, I will.
    Murtaugh: [anxiously] There's not enough room!
    Riggs: There's plenty of room, sure I'll make it!
    [Riggs runs the car up onto the divider, scraping it along a metal guard-rail]
    Murtaugh: [screaming as sparks fly] Ah, my side panel!
    Riggs: Goddamn it, you were right. There wasn't enough room.
  • The "rubber" tree that the other officers leave on Murtagh's desk after his daughter's big break... in a commercial for condoms. Even Roger ends up laughing over it after a while.
  • Lorna takes Riggs back to her place after a mission. While Riggs jokingly fiddles around with Lorna's stuff after she told him not to, he happens to find a The Three Stooges video game on her computer, much to Riggs' amazement since he too is a fan.
  • Even one for the bad guys as in the climax of part 1, when Joshua heads for Murtagh's home in revenge for foiling his scheme. Thankfully no one's home but he gets spooked by the TV playing A Christmas Carol.
    Scrooge [on TV]: You boy? What day is it today?
    Joshua: [shoots the TV] IT'S GODDAMN CHRISTMAS!
  • During the scene on the yacht in the third movie where Riggs talks to a drunken Murtaugh, Riggs tells Murtaugh that he might have slept with someone he shouldn't have, which was Lorna. Murtaugh punches Riggs off the boat assuming that he had slept with Rianne.
  • Also in the third movie, Riggs shows Murtaugh on how to do a back spin kick. When Murtaugh attempts it, he ends up kicking a water cooler behind him because Riggs intentionally backed him into it. Made even more priceless when the precinct's shrink is right there to witness it, and mistakenly assumes it's Murtaugh acting out over a recent shooting he was involved in.
  • Riggs and Murtaugh crashing the Corrupt General - Triad deal simply by telling him that the money he's getting are fake and providing evidence. The General was not amused at the Triad's antics.
    Riggs: Huh? No applause?
    *Cue the General grabbing his gun towards the Triad while shouting angrily*
  • This out-of-nowhere exchange during the Final Battle in 4.
    Riggs: Hey, Rog?!
    Murtaugh: Yeah?!
    Riggs: What the hell's going on?! Why are you lying to me?! I.A. says you're on the take!
    Murtaugh: Hey, I'm on the take?!
    Riggs: Yeah! I think it's crazy too, but you've been spending a lot of money, and...
    Murtaugh: You ever hear of Ebony Clark?!
    Riggs: Yeah! She writes those cheesy sex novels!
    Murtaugh: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, her!
    Riggs: Are you boinking her?!
    Murtaugh: Ah, no, I'm not boinking Ebony Clark, Riggs, shit! Trish is Ebony Clark!
    Riggs: Trish is Ebony... You are boinking her!
    Murtaugh: [big grin on his face] Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm boinking her!