Heartwarming / Kirby Adventure

  • Saia hugging Vezo to cheer him up after he discovers that Kiina is working with Talzo and doesn't even remember him.
  • NAVO and Keito becoming friends in "Infiltration" and NAVO eventually pulling a Heel–Face Turn. Borders on Tear Jerker when NAVO later admits that Keito was the first real friend he ever had.
    NAVO: Yellow friend was first to treat NAVO nicely. NAVO won't forget. NAVO will never forget.
  • Gigi confessing to Neona and Ryka that they were the first to treat her like she was a part of their group.
  • When the members of Division A turn on each other and begin arguing, Dark Matter summons a projection of Keito to bring them together. The Keito projection compliments and delivers words of encouragement to each member before fading away.
    Keito: And remember, guys... I'll always be with you in spirit. No matter what, we're a team.
  • Seeing Kiina be reunited with Vezo after getting her memories back is pretty sweet.
  • After the Final Battle, seeing that Talzo is trying to make a change, Kirby decides to sentence him to work for the Kirby Adventure Squad again, essentially giving him his old job back.
  • A bit of a minor one, but during the victory dance following Miracle Matter's defeat, Vezo and Kiina can be seen dancing together.