Heartwarming: Kanye West

  • "Never Let Me Down" may be one of the most joyful songs 'Ye ever recorded. J. Ivy's spoken-word rant at the end especially.
  • "Hey Mama".
  • "Big Brother" is a touching song about Kanye's mentor Jay-Z.
  • "Bound 2" is more or less a dedication to Kim Kardashian.
    "Close your eyes and let the world paint a thousand pictures
    One good girl is worth a thousand bitches.
    • The fact that Kanye has over 13 million followers on Twitter, but himself follows only one Twitter: Kim's.
  • "New Day," where he and Jay-Z warn their future sons of the price of fame.
  • "Only One", which is pretty much "Hey Mama" for his daughter, North.
    " Tell Nori about me... "
  • Kanye's idea of a birthday gift for Kim: he bought a blank white Hermes purse and videotaped their daughter painting it. Link.
  • Recently, Kim's stepfather Bruce Jenner came out as a trans woman named Caitlyn. By all accounts, Kim had no idea how to handle the revelation and Kanye was the one who pushed Kim to simply accept and offer unconditional support to Caitlyn's transition. He also willingly appeared on the reality show documenting the transition and offered his support.
  • Say what you want about Kanye's marriage to Kim, but one has to admit, he really does adore her and seems so happy to be with her, as she is with him too.