Heartwarming: Kanye West

  • "Never Let Me Down" may be one of the most joyful songs 'Ye ever recorded. J. Ivy's spoken-word rant at the end especially.
  • "Hey Mama"
  • "Big Brother" is a touching song about Kanye's mentor, Jay-Z
  • "Bound 2" is more or less a dedication to Kim Kardashian.
    "Close your eyes and let the world paint a thousand pictures
    One good girl is worth a thousand bitches.
    • The fact that Kanye has over nine million followers on Twitter, but himself follows only one Twitter: Kim's.
  • "New Day," where he and Jay-Z warn their future sons of the price of fame.
  • "Only One", which is pretty much "Hey Mama" for his daughter, North.
    " Tell Nori about me... "