Awesome: Kanye West

  • His performance of "Jesus Walks" at the Grammys. For all his douchebag moments, never let it be said that he can't put on a show.
  • And his performance of Stronger for the Glow In The Dark tour.
  • Kanye doing the Carlton dance to the song Take On Me
  • How about that one performance of "Gold Digger" where he brought out an entire college marching band?
  • "Let's have a toast for the douchebags..."
  • His performance headlining at the Coachella festival in 2011 is being called "career-defining". That's with him singing/trying to sing the Heartbreak songs sans Auto-Tune and with him fucking up the lyrics on two of his earlier songs.
  • To the readers of Pitchfork, the 10.0 rating received by My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy qualifies. To put this in perspective, this was the first perfect rating Pitchfork had given to a new studio album in eight years.
  • Using a clip from Blades of Glory in "Niggas in Paris". It fits perfectly because the song does get the people going!
  • The guerrilla promotion of Yeezus to an extent. He didn't make a video for "New Slaves" but rather a video projection of his face rapping to the song in 66 cities across the world. Despite no radio singles and no true music videos, Yeezus still debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, and with critical acclaim to boot.
  • "Black Skinhead"'s spine-chilling SNL debut.