Heartwarming / Girls' Generation

  • Whenever they win an award.
  • Taeyeon's last ChinChin Radio broadcast as a DJ, which is both heartwarming and a Tear Jerker. People from different parts of South Korea (and perhaps, the world) have told her that her broadcast is the reason why they get the energy to live on. Watch it here (maybe before it gets deleted by YouTube).
    • This one's really worth a watch, even if you haven't watched / listened to any of Taeyeon's other broadcasts. This radio broadcast had lots of heartwarming moments that shall not be put here for the sake of not giving out spoilers.
  • The girls donating a portion of the revenues from Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run to The Red Cross Relief Fund for the victims of the recent earthquake in Japan. Rumors also abound that the girls made a private donation worth $500,000 under false names.
    • Sooyoung's fans have made it a habit to donate blood to leukemia patients each year. Read about it here. Sooyoung herself also visited a man who was dying of Lou Gehrig's disease, and gave him a trophy she'd won for him on a variety show.
      • Making this one even better is the context of the show. Most who are on the show give anecdotes about themselves, either funny or Tear Jerkers in their own rights. Not a bad thing at all, especially considering there are some genuinely touching and funny stories in there. Sooyoung used the episode as a forum to talk about the love between Seungil and his girlfriend, on Seungil's favorite show. Then, as said in the article, she declared that she was appearing on Strong Heart for him and not herself, then she actually followed through and gave him the Strong Heart trophy. Beyond that, she has continued to visit him, as do other members of Girls Generation. The only reason there are photos of their visits is because the girlfriend uploads the pictures herself.
    • After being in a car accident on the way to a charity event (fracturing her tailbone and taking her out of the schedule for the time being), Sooyoung made a video thanking fans for their concern and saying she was all right.
  • Sooyoung gets yet another one (along with Tiffany, Yuri and Seohyun), as she will be helping her father (who has vision problems) in his efforts to cure blindness.
    • It's worth noting that Sooyoung's also taken time out to talk to, play chess with and discuss God with a lonely man she saw sitting alone in a park.
    • We could probably just make a "Choi Sooyoung" subsection for Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. She got another one when she said during an interview with Soshified (a fansite dedicated to the girls) and said she was a fan of Soshified because of everything they had done, especially when they had a donation drive for the Red Cross in Japan and blood drives on Sooyoung's birthday. The interview itself provided another good one for the girls when the Soshified MC was talking about all the ways the fans support Girls' Generation on the other side of the planet, and Taeyeon started crying.
  • As a token of gratitude to their fans, they make it a point to help their fans as well. Here's one from an Inkigayo fan account, on a cold January day.
    • Taeyeon walked out carrying a hot pack, but when it was time to standby, she asked a fan, who was standing in the corner of the right standing section, if they were cold, and gave them the hot pack she had.
    • And then the girls gave out warm drinks to the fans.
  • All of the girls make it a point to help others. This video sums it all up.
  • When they won the Disk Daesang at the Golden Disk Awards 2010 (the most important music awards in Korea, by the way). Everyone, including the girls themselves, was putting their bets on labelmates Super Junior, and their victory came out as a wonderful surprise for them and SONEs all over the world. Their genuine looks of surprise and Tears of Joy made everything even more heartwarming. Watch it here.
  • Tiffany got to interview Brad Pitt recently (of whom Sooyoung is a HUGE fangirl). At the end of her interview, she asked Brad if he would send a hello to "MC Sooyoung". Brad obliged, and Sooyoung... You could just see the sheer joy and happiness in her eyes.
  • The news that at least three of the girls are dating - Taeyeon is dating EXO's Baekhyun, Tiffany is dating 2PM's Nichkhun, Yoona is dating Lee Seung Gi (who has mentioned several times before that Yoona is his "ideal type"), and Sooyoung is dating Korean actor Jung Kyung Ho.
    • Partially subverted due to the fact that both the Tiffany/Nichkhun and Yoona/Seunggi couples have broken up as of August 2015.
  • Before debuting with Girls' Generation, Sooyoung was one-half of the pop girl duo Route 4. When asked whether she still talked to Marina Takahashi, the other girl in the group, she said that she lost contact. Japanese fans sought out Takahashi and eventually reached one of her friends on Twitter. Sooyoung was so surprised that she cried when she saw that Takahashi had contacted her through Instagram and the two eventually met up at one of Girls' Generation's concerts. It's even more touching that Takahashi had kept track of Sooyoung's career the whole time, and went to her concert twice!
  • YMMV on this, but as soon as news hit that Jessica was being kicked out of Girls' Generation, it was reported that she and her boyfriend Tyler Kwon will be getting married by May 2015 and fans have been nothing but supportive.
    • Actually, Tyler Kwon said on his Weibo that they are not getting married nor were they planning on it. They were in attendance at his best friend's wedding and Tyler was the best man/ringholder.
    • Also, at the Shenzhen fanmeet Jessica was heading to when she was told she was fired, fans held up their pink J glowsticks and held up signs saying "8+1= COMPLETE", showing their love and support for Jessica and showing their belief that SNSD without Jessica is incomplete. Also, it was reported that the group left (a good chunk of) Jessica's parts unsung, whereas the fans sang her parts.
  • Sooyoung's mother reading her daughter a letter is equal parts Tear Jerker and Heartwarming Moments. Even Sooyoung wasn't able to keep her emotions back.
  • For their ninth anniversary, Sooyoung composed the lyrics to "Sailing 0805", a track from SM Entertainment's "SM Radio" project. From her blog: "The meaning of these lyrics could be the thankful heart of SNSD toward our fans, but I also tried to write the heart of all of you, and the heart by which all of you kept SNSD for 9 years. We all know^^ Your heart, your patience, your unconditional love, we know all of that… I don’t think there is a better gift than to let you know that."
  • Sunny's message to Jessica during her radio show. She didn't even need to make any names to get her message across.
    Sunny: "You can always come back home."