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Trivia: Girls' Generation
  • The Danza - Sooyoung and Yuri starred in the TV show Unstoppable Marriage as two boy-crazy high school girls named... Sooyoung and Yuri.
  • Development Hell - The full music video for Beep Beep was supposedly going to be released in late May 2013.
    • Averted. They've released it in early December 2013.
  • Easter Egg - In "I Got A Boy".
    • When Jessica says "Don't stop, let's bring it back to 140", she means it. The song does go back to 140, not only in bpmnote , but it also goes back to the 1:40 segment in the mp3 file (only in the song itself, not in your music player).
  • Fan Community Nick Names - S♥nesnote 
    • Each of the members' fanbases have their own nicknames.
      • Taeyeon has Taegangers,
      • Jessica has GorJess Spazzers,
      • Sunny has Sunshiners,
      • Tiffany has Fanytastics,
      • Hyoyeon has Hyohunnies,
      • Yuri has Yurisistables,
      • Sooyoung has Sooyoungsters,
      • Yoona has Yoonaddicts, and
      • Seohyun has Seomates.
  • Fan Nickname / In Universe Nickname - Too many to count - keep in mind that this is an incomplete list. They acknowledged some of these nicknames in the past, during events such as the ITNW concert and in the Korean TV show Come To Play.
    • For Taeyeon, we have: Kid Leader, Taeng, Ahjumma ("middle-aged lady", mainly because of her laugh), Umma (mother), ByunTae ("pervert"), Taengoo (goo means "9" in Korean, this is the reason why her jersey number on Oh! was 9), Taeng DJ, MungTaeng, Kkokkoma, Taeyeonnie, OST Queen, Leonardo Da Taengsinote .
    • Jessica: Sica, Ice Princess, Sergeant Sica, Maomao, Sleeping Beauty, Jessicat
    • Sunny: Aegyo Queen, Energy Pill, Danshin (shorty), SoonKyu, Sunny Bunny, DJ Soon, Ssun, Strong Sunny
    • Tiffany: Fany Fany Tiffany, Manager Hwang, Jackson Hwang, DdilFany, Brighter Than Gems note , Brighter Than Mushrooms note , Miyoung, Rapper Hwang, DJ Hwang, Fang DJ note , Secretary Hwang, Ppanyang
    • Hyoyeon: Dancing Queen, Kim-choding, Specialist HY, Dancing Machine, Hyorengi (Tiger), Kim Yeolsal note 
    • Yuri: Black Pearl, Yul, BK Yuri, Kkab Yul, Prankster Yul
    • Sooyoung: Shikshin, Happy Princess, NaSoo (interrupter), DJ Syoung, Sooyoungie
    • Yoona: Deer Yoona, Him Yoona note , Flounder, Nam Choding, Alligator Yoona, Yoong, Saseumi, Im-choding, Saebyuk, Goddess
    • Seohyun: Maknae, Seororo, Seobaby, Seobot, Gguk Gguk Ee note , Hyun, Joohyun, Angel Maknae, Innocent Seohyun, Milk Seo Joo, The youngest Princess, SEOnoop Dogg, Sweet Potato Princess.
  • One of Us - It was revealed that Seohyun has a stash of manga in their vehicle's trunk. She once tried to hide it from an interviewer.
  • The Pete Best - Twelve different SM trainees were part of the various project groups leading up to the 9 member group. Most notable are Soyeon from T-ara and Chanmi from Coed School/5dolls.
  • Promoted Fangirl - Tiffany. She was a big fan of Kim Hyun Joong (the leader) of SS 501 back when she was still a trainee (check out her pre-debut Q&A here). On an episode of the now-defuct Korean TV show Star Golden Bell, SNSD got to guest-star with the members of SS 501 themselves.
    • And when the host conducted a survey in which the members of SS 501 picked the most popular / their favorite SNSD member, they picked Tiffany. (That includes Mr. Kim Hyun Joong)
      • After that, Kim Hyun Joong stated that he looks up Tiffany on the internet. I'm quite sure that we all know that she fangirled after that.
    • Sunny also had a fangirl moment when her idol Lee Bumsoo (a famous Korean actor) became SNSD's acting teacher on Horror Movie Factory.
    • In MTV Lifestyle, we have Seohyun's own fangirl moment when she visited the Keroro dubbing studio. She even got to dub Keroro's voice!
  • They Also Did - Taeyeon and Seohyun served as voice actresses (Taeyeon as Margo and Seohyun as Edith) in the Korean version of Despicable Me.
  • What Could Have Been - Prior to their debut, SNSD went through several line-up changes. SM planned to have 11 girls in the group, one of which was Soyeon of T-ara. The group would be A LOT different today had they gone through with this. Read more on the roster history here
    • During their time as trainees in SM, their group's name was "YeoDan Team".note  The name "Super Girls" was preferred by the press and the netizens.

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