Quotes / Girls' Generation

Taeyeon: You have to smile brightly. Put on an exciting bright smile.
Hyoyeon: Until you're about to convulse.
—- during the making of the Into the New World MV

Sooyoung and I restore our friendship through eating.

When we saw Sunny for the first time, we worried a lot because other members were together for three years already. And we wondered if Sunny could adjust with us. But now, she feels like a ten-year-long pal to us. I don't know why we even had to worry about anything. We share so many things, and it's like Sunny is a pile of luck to us. She completes us, she has that something? SNSD without Sunny is like a donut without the hole!

We are not shortnote . It's just that others are abnormally taller than us.

Is that why you tied your hair up at the crown? So you could look taller?
Sooyoung (to Sunny)

Children's clothing fits me well.

"No one can beat a person who tries their best."
Tiffany, from an interview with Singles magazine

I'm not acting innocent, I've just been influenced by you unnies.
Seohyun (to the other 8 members)

When I was young, I didn't go out that often. I played in the corner. I like to go under the desk. So putting a quilt on the desk like a tent. I liked my own place. Do you know that kind of mentality?

That's why we are SNSD. We make up for each other's weaknesses.

If your dream is alive, then one day it will come true.

How can you still look small while being up there?
Yuri, to the shorter members who are standing on a balcony (from Intimate Note)

Unhealthy diet accumulates in your body and eventually you'll die.

Seohyun: He also doesn't like noisy places.
Hyoyeon: Well in that case, we need to disappear.
—From Hello Baby

Like… is like a bunch of dandelion seeds falling beautifully on the ground. It’s a soft and good feeling but can come and go at any time…
Love… is when those same dandelion seeds become firmly rooted sowing its seeds and growing another dandelion on the spot. It takes a lot of energy to grow the dandelion like protecting it from the wind and giving it water and sunlight but it becomes very precious and beautiful in the end…

My ideal guy is Vegeta.

I believe in the hope that Santa Claus brings.
Seohyun, when asked if she believed in Santa.

Um. I don't even share a room with her, but her voice is so loud that I can hear it from a far distance.
Jessica, referring to Tiffany

None of our members are jealous of each other. Instead, we like seeing each other succeed and learning from each other. For example, I learn a lot from Sooyoung's radio and I always listen well to how Taeyeon speaks. I learn from Yoona's facial expressions and Hyoyeon's dancing as well. We all learn from each other.

My personal wish for the new year would be that Tiffany doesn't fall down anymore in the new year.
Taeyeon (referring to Tiffany's injury)

MMMMM Sica!!!
Yuri, forced by Jessica to parody the "MMM, honey" aegyo on Shimshimtapa Radio (03/28/08)

Actually, we speak English very well. We're better than Tiffany and Jessica.
Sooyoung (referring to herself and Yuri)

You feel secure having just one close friend, but having 8 close friends is even better.

Because of my small build, they call me little kid. I personally like it, so whenever I introduce myself, I say “Hi everyone , I'm little kid leader Taeyeon“.

SNSD means the coming of the era of girls, it's filled with hope. We wish to bring a generation of health and happiness.

But we don't eat fried chicken.
Yuri, while filming an ad for baked chicken

Sunny: Hello, I am SNSD's cultivator.
Yuri: Hello, I am SNSD's bicycle.
Seohyun: Hello, I am SNSD's outer space walker.
Hyoyeon: Hello, I am SNSD's airplane.
Taeyeon: Hello. I am SNSD's subway.
Tiffany: Hello, I am SNSD's boat rider.

This (the lollipop) is given to us to reduce our stress. It is to be used when we are stressed.
Tiffany, when asked by the MC why she hits herself with the lollipop prop used on their Kissing You MV (from Star Golden Bell)

The girls are eating up all the ingredients. How am I supposed to cook now?

When one member gets sick, we usually pass the cold all around the group too.

My real name? Sunny. Lee Sunny.
Lee Soonkyu

Don't tease me because I'm old~
Tiffany to two random guys who tried to guess her age (they said 26, she was 21)

When she does something wrong, she just smiles like that. Then we can't say anything to her...
Sooyoung, in regards to Tiffany's eye smiles

There are not enough washrooms ... and since we have 9 members, the dining table is too small. We have to set different times for each group. Everyday it feels like we're on a field trip, so it's really fun.

I am good at nonsense questions.

Do you think I'm funny?

Chicken Fany? I don't want ANOTHER weird nickname!

I wish food was falling from the sky...

Seohyun's so pure that if Seohyun wasn't a singer, she'd still be singing nursery rhymes.

Seohyun watches TV until 2 am in the morning - what she watches is the cartoon channel.

Tiffany (to Taeyeon) : Are you defending your husband (Jung Hyungdon)?
Taeyeon : Yeah, so what?
Tiffany : Don't come home!!!
—From We Got Married

When Taeyeon and I lived together, Taeyeon always killed bugs for me.

I need my hairspray right now! N.O.W! RIGHT NOW!

How can he cry after seeing someone so pretty?
Sooyoung referring to their "baby" Kyungsan

Baby, don't grow to have legs like Taeyeon's.
Sunny (to Kyungsan)

Instead of chips, she fried beans to snack on.
Hyoyeon, referring to Seohyun

There's a motto that we, SNSD, always say. Right now, It's Girls' Generation, Girls' Generation forever. Even after 10 years, if we can perform on stage as SNSD and meet with our fans... I hope it can be like that. I'll try and make that happen too.

Come on... I'm trying to change my image. These food boxes aren't helping at all. Please, get rid of them.

Taeyeon's voice is like silk.

Tiffany's voice is like butter.

Tiffany's voice is like jelly. I really like jelly.

If I cook instant noodles, it becomes porridge.

Yoona and I are dumb and dumber.

Tiffany: We can't stop fighting.
Jessica: I'm really quiet... and she's like... really loud.
Tiffany: It's not a bad thing. This is why, we're like really close.

Nine people who are very different from each other have now become one.