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YMMV: Girls' Generation
  • Broken Base: A very mild version, when Tiffany announced in mid 2013 that there would be more singles by TaeTiSeo (instead of another subunit, as had been previously thought and hoped for), some Sones... were unhappy.
    • Yuri and Hyoyeon announced that there would be new subunits (and Yuri teased that the next subunit would be YoonYulSic (Yoona, Yuri and Jessica), but nothing more has happened. It was actually pointed out that their comeback "Mr. Mr." was something of a pseudo-TaeTiSeo comeback, as there are quite a few scenes where the three are featured while the other members dance in the background. Some annoyed fans called it "Taeyeon and Tiffany feat. Seohyun, Jessica and some other random girls".
      • And now TaeTiSeo will be having their own reality show before the release of their new album. Some Sones feel this is an extremely stupid move (especially after Taeyeon's dating scandal), and are tired of all the attention being focused on those three (especially Tiffany, whose Attention Whore tendencies are turning her into the black sheep of the group), while others don't see a problem with it, saying it's good that Taeyeon isn't shying away from being in the spotlight.
    • Is Tiffany a good singer with a great personality, or is she an annoying attention-seeker who needs to shut up and let the other girls have a chance?
    • Jessica. Lazy and unprofessional or down to earth and realistic?
    • Sooyoung. Is she deserving of more lines and attention, or does she add nothing to SNSD and only got into the group because her father is rich?
    • Sunny. Talented and adorkable with an extra helping of badass determinator or two-faced annoying attention-seeker who only got into SNSD because her uncle is the CEO of SM Entertainment?
  • Cargo Shipping: Jessica with air conditioners, and her phone, which she even brought with her onstage during a live performance.
  • Creator's Pet: Hoo boy, we're gonna be here for a while...
    • In general: If you look at charts of the various members' solo screentime, it becomes obvious that the "Big Four" (Yoona, Jessica, Tiffany and Taeyeon) have a substantial amount more of lines/screentime than members like Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Yuri (Seohyun and Sunny fell in the middle). One telling moment was when Jessica was revealed to have had three minutes and fifty seconds more screentime than Hyoyeon - practically the length of "Gee"! It doesn't seem like much at first, but when you think about it, you realize just how unfair it really is.
    • Yoona. A milder example than the others, she was criticized during SNSD's early days for being constantly at the centre of every performance, the fact that she was featured on the Run Devil Run CD cover and generally "over-exposed" to the detriment of the other members.
    • Jessica. Her screentime/lines suddenly increased around the time of "The Boys", despite her voice/personality being very divisive in the fanbase. She's also drawing heat for seemingly not caring about her performances/dances anymore (a popular internet meme is to show gifs of SNSD dancing... and Jessica's will always be wrong).
      • To clarify - Jessica's nickname is "The Ice Princess/Lazy Princess", whose attitude of being "cold, mean and aloof" and known tendency to be lazy and "half-ass" her singing/dancing is considered cute/adorable by some... and irritating/unprofessional by others.
    • Tiffany. Good god, Tiffany. She arguably doesn't have as stable a voice as say, Seohyun or Sunny, but has been acquiring more and more lines and ad-libs (see "I Got A Boy" for a good example - especially the bridge (3:38-3:50), where it's just her and Taeyeon while the others are basically indistinguishable in the background here). It's especially egregious after the release of their Japanese song "Indestructible", where she sings the opening lines, gets several solo lines, leads parts of the chorus and then sings the closing lines. She actually sings more than the main singers (Jessica and Taeyeon) despite being a "lead" singer, and sings more than the entire dance line combined (which admittedly isn't hard to do - they get eight lines (one for Yoona, two for Hyoyeon and Yuri and three for Sooyoung) compared to her twelve.
      • She's also been getting some grief because of her "attention seeking" tendencies - for example, when the girls introduced themselves in New York, Tiffany made some comments that sounded very patronizing, and she's been known to overplay things and add unnecessary raps and adlibs into songs, earning her the (not exactly complimentary) nickname Fanye West. She also got called out because she was being rude during a performance of Sunny's musical "Singing In The Rain" (she yelled out "My friend Sunny is so beautiful!" and during a serious scene involving Baekhyun - who is dating Taeyeon - she yelled "Baekhyun, catch her! Catch her!" while pointing to Taeyeon, who was sitting beside her, causing the audience to laugh and ruining the atmosphere). Several fans have called her out and said things like "She needs to stop acting like SNSD is her solo act."
  • Ear Worm- Oh, Gee, Genie, Run Devil Run and Hoot.
    • And now, their Japanese audiences have some that aren't translated cover versions; Mr. Taxi and Bad Girl.
    • With the release of their new album, we have The Boys (Korean/English Versions), Trick, Top Secret and OSCAR, among others.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, may I present TOP, Flower Power, Paparazzi and the Japanese version of Boomerang from the second Japanese album? On the slower side, we have All My Love Is For You and Time Machine.
    • I Got A Boy - love it or hate it, this thing will get stuck in your head. "Oh! Oh Oh Eh Oh/Oh Oh Eh Oh/Neo jalnatda jeongmal!"
    • Any of their recent Japanese singles - Galaxy Supernova and Love and Girls, especially. "In the galaxy (galaxy)!"
  • Fandom Rivalry - Most notably with ELFs, Super Junior's fandom. Which is pretty ironic, as both groups are from the same company and support each other very much.
    • Also between 2NE1 fans (Blackjacks) and Sones. Arguments mostly about the looks of the members of each group, and which group is more "talented". Just look at any of the comments in each of their music videos - it's enough to make you want to smack them all upside the head.
    • Then there was the whole CARTEL incident, a.k.a Black Ocean 2008. Cassies (DBSK fans), ELFs (SJ fans) and TripleS (SS 501 fans) turned off their lightsticks at a concert for SNSD and... behaved badly. Suffice it to say that nobody was innocent - Sones apparently had a couple issues themselves - and that is all that we will say about that!
    • And now that Taeyeon and Baekhyun of EXO are dating, it's Sones vs EXO-L.
  • Flanderization: Especially in fanfics. There's a whole list of them here.
    • Taeyeon: Is either a Memetic Molester that loves butts (especially Tiffany's) or depressed, angsty and emo that's forever mistaken for a middle schooler/kid.
    • Tiffany's voice is so husky she sounds like she has a sore throat all the time.
    • Jessica doesn't do anything but eat and sleep (except when cucumbers are around).
    • All Sooyoung does is eat and tease Taeyeon & Sunny for being short.
    • All Hyoyeon does is dance.
  • Harsher in Hindsight - During a segment of Star Golden Bell, one of the MCs had to guess whose mother was the woman who they had invited. One of the options was Tiffany. In fact, as soon as she appeared, the MC started to think that it had to be Tiffany's, since they really looked alike. All of this happened, of course, before it was revealed that Tiffany's mother passed away before her debut.
  • Ho Yay Shipping - How most fans ship them. The girls themselves have talked about their ideal men and some have stated they would like to settle down and get married (heterosexually), but their actions don't do a good job of convincing fans. Gives another meaning to Yuri Fan.
    • AnchoredShip / ShipSinking: TaengSic (Taeyeon x Jessica). No one knows what happened between them or why their interactions just completely stopped. WMG from fans range from them getting into a fight to Tiffany stealing Taeyeon away. Has also sort of become a fandom inside joke.
    • Everyone Is Gay / Ship Tease : ALL THE F*CKING TIME.
    • FanPreferredCouple: YMMV but TaeNy (Taeyeon x Tiffany). Just try searching up SNSD fanfiction; chances are, at least half of them is TaeNy. Even their own agency seems to know how popular it is and makes use of it (Lost in Love duet anyone?).
      • TaeNy has been utterly sunk as of the revelation that Taeyeon is dating EXO's Baekhyun. Reaction has been... mixed to negative.
    • The pairings are divided as follows: Royal (TaeNy, YulSic, YoonHyun, SooSun), Ace (JeTi, HyoYoung, SunYeon), Deuce/Full House (YulTi, YoonSic) and Dice (all other pairings).
    • Incest Yay Shipping: JungCest (Jessica and her sister Krystal).
    • Ship-to-Ship Combat: SO MUCH.
      • Happens a lot in the TaeNySic triangle.
    • Although, pretty much all pairings including Yoona, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Sooyoung have been torpedoed now that they're actually dating (men).
  • Internet Backdraft - Never mention the words "plastic surgery" and "Girls' Generation" in the same sentence.
    • And now that Taeyeon has been revealed to be dating EXO member Baekhyun, she's been on the recieving end of one hell of a backlash from EXO fans, who are calling her such things as a "pedophile", even though she's only three years older than Baekhyun. Angry netizens are also saying that SNSD is now "on a downward spiral" and "should just break up already".
  • Lawful Good - Sooyoung and Seohyun.
  • Love It or Hate It - I Got A Boy. The changes in tempo and even style made it a polarizing song among the fanbase. Western music reviewers have received it quite positively, though.
  • Periphery Demographic - SNSD has lots of fans outside their target demographic: i.e. ahjussi and samchon fans (middle aged men and uncles, respectively).
  • Signature Song: Gee. The song has even managed to become something of a Memetic Mutation within the StarCraft community due to the line "Gee gee gee gee, baby baby baby" resembling "GG"; short for good game, typed near or at the end of a match.
    • Not to mention G-Dragon of Big Bang mentioned it in his song "Leaders": "My name is G-G-G baby baby baby GD GD baby baby."
    • Aram of G.I. (Global Icon) had a part in their debut song that went "G - G - G - G.I.".
  • Squick: It was recently revealed that a 46-year-old California man named Thomas Blevins had been pretending to be a video director for SM. What made this guy go leaps and bounds beyond your normal creep is he not only started a rumour about an English album that Taeyeon herself had to shut down, he also made a fake casting call for young girls and women to come out and dance for an alleged music video in LA. He also had several fake profiles of SNSD members set up, and used them to make himself look more "real". As a result, he had young women fawning over him, calling him "oppa", "appa" and "papa angel" (no word on how many of these were actual people or if they were other fakes he had created). He posted badly edited photos of himself and "official" ID cards (with blatant spelling mistakes - heck, some of the artists listed on the cards didn't even belong to SM), and generally acted like a creep. He was finally brought to the attention of SM, and appears to have been shut down.
    • It now seems that Thomas may have worked for SM after all, but the situation is very unclear.
      • People have mentioned that they did indeed see Thomas at various K-Pop events, but his behaviour was very odd (not wearing identification, wandering around and not doing anything, while other representatives of SM wore obvious badges and interacted with fans)...
    • Allegedly some of the young teens calling Thomas "Oppa" were fake profiles he'd created.
    • Someone from Globalone studios posted a message on his wall telling him not to associate himself with the studio. He promptly deleted it and blocked her.
    • Several months after the scandal was revealed, his profile is still up and he still has several fake profiles (SM has repeatedly stated that no member of SNSD has Facebook - so anyone commenting on Blevins' posts with the name of one of SNSD's members is fake), and is apparently dating/married to a woman who has changed her display name to "Seohyun Blevins". It's incredibly squicky - at the very least Blevins is abusing his position as an SM staffer, and he comes across as borderline pedophilic (regularly interacting with vulnerable underage girls and pretending he knows their idols to manipulate them).
  • Unfortunate Implications - Why the release of the Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) EP was delayed. The original cover featured an Imperial-era Japanese fighter plane, and some of the girls' costumes featured stylized Nazi-esque insignia. Not the images to put on an album cover when you consider Japanese-Korean relations during World War 2.
    • Hyoyeon once (jokingly) told Sistar's Bora that her skin was too dark to be in a makeup commercial, to which Bora retorted "People with dark skin wear makeup as well!"
    • Yuri's attempt at being "gangsta":
    Host 2: Well, we also have a black person here! *points at Yuri*
    Yuri: *claps her hands together* Yo, yo! You die! *Draws her thumb across her throat in an exaggerated manner*
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs? - The trailer of their 1st Japanese album. The songs are fine, the visuals are...odd.
  • What The Hell, Costuming Department? - During their early days, Hyoyeon ALWAYS got stuck with the grotesque hairstyles.
  • Yoko Oh No: Girls' Generation and SM Entertainment have been very discreet about disclosing their relationships publicly due to their Contractual Purity. That changed in 2014, when five of the nine members were revealed to have been dating (though Hyoyeon's was revealed through a police report from her arrest and is the only one to have a boyfriend who isn't a celebrity; word says they've broken up). Every one of these relationships was well-received — except for Taeyeon, who had started a relationship with Baekhyun from EXO. Taeyeon received a myriad of death threats on her Instagram account and had to post an apology to appease her fans.

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