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Heartwarming: Fresh Meat
  • Most of series 1, episode 8:
    • "Why are you all dressed like that?" JP wonders who'll be driving him to his father's funeral when his housemates all turn up dressed in black.
    • "That is actually... me". A moment Kingsley calls "the noblest thing related to wanking ever".
      • ...or as Paul put it, "Thanks Rafa".
  • In the series 2 finale, JP is so desperate for the house to stay together, that he actually ends up buying it, and offering them rent half price. Considering how much he disliked them at the beginning, it's touching to see him so upset about everyone leaving.
  • Josie and Kingsley breaking up because Josie wants to know and love Kinglsey as a friend "for the rest of his life", rather than stay in a sexual relationship with him and end up hating each other.
  • When Vod tells JP that Sam was too good for him, even though they both know this isn't true.
  • Even though he wants to, JP can't sleep with Josie in the series 3 finale, due to his loyalty to Kinglsey (despite being angry at Kingsey for "mind-fucking" Sam).

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