Funny / Fresh Meat

  • JP, super high on drugs, talking to a horse. While being hilarious, it also firmly cements his status as a Woobie.
  • Although the scenario is basically everyone's worst nightmare, (angry guy who's had a few and proved he's capable of violence finding out that you've slept with his girlfriend) Dave's discovery that Josie's been cheating with Kingsley is absolutely hilarious.
  • "How would you like me to ram this spoon up your arse, Rumple-shithead?"
  • JP getting stuck up a cliff and his subsequent argument with Kingsley. And then Howard gets in on the action...
    • Dan, still angry at Kingsley's complaint, then forces Kingsley to run after the minivan with a broken leg.
  • Josie's whole spiel about Pope Kingsley in Series 1, culminating with: "So you can basically just fuck off, Popey!"
  • Episode seven of the third series has JP attempting to murder Kingsley, paranoid that he's stealing Sam from him. One attempt is making Kinsgley a risotto full of shards of glass.
    Kingsley: Is this broken glass?
    JP: Wouldn't have thought so. It's probably just a bit of transparent rice. Or maybe a pearl onion.
    • This leads to the two fighting after Howard's birthday party. On its own, two men having a massive violent fallout would be Tear Jerker territory. It moves into hysterical when one's dressed as Prince (sorry, I mean George Harrison) and the other's dressed as a Hooters waitress, complete with foam boobs, all scored to "Don't Leave Me This Way".
    JP: She is my woman!
    Kingsley: Women aren't possessions!
    Kingsley tries to choke JP with one of his fake breasts
    JP: You can't hurt me with boobs, Kingsley! I thrive on boobs!
  • The three-way bitch fight between Josie, Heather and Sam, culminating in everyone slapping everyone.
  • Howard attempts to create a new image to win a geology scholarship. The result is described by Vod as "special needs line dancer", and by JP as "trainee paedo".
    Vod: Everyone's got a vibe, Howard. Yours is the whole "NHS-specs-chronic-masturbator-Lord-of-the-Rings-fan" vibe.
  • While the rest of the house goes to JP's country estate, Howard stays behind to call his computer company's customer services. He ends up on hold for 48 hours.
  • JP, Howard and Vod discover Kingsley and Josie having very quiet sex next to Oregon, and debate in the quietest voices possible about what to do next.
  • In season 4, episode 5, Josie attempts to give her roommates tea, only to walk in on all of them masturbating. The prize goes to Oregon, who's seen pleasuring herself with a riding crop, holding a first-place ribbon.