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Heartwarming: Freelance Astronauts
  • Maxwell may be an evil bastard to his friends in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and quite the renegade in Mass Effect, but then came this little nugget during 4-Player Bomberman.
    Wolf Shirt: Maxwell, if your mom and Ferr were trapped in a fire, who would you save?
    Maxwell: Uhhhh, probably my mom.
    Everyone: Awwwwwww...
  • pipes!'s reaction to the Twilight Princess LP when Link did indeed bomb some dodongos.
  • Also in the Twilight Princess LP, Maxwell lets out a loud squee when Link gets to pick up a puppy.
  • And in Seaman, all four guys let loose a "squeal of parenthood" when one of the little abominations says his first word.
  • At one point in the GTA LP Maxwell admits that he loves the guys. (Although it was after a racist joke (16:13 of this video))
  • During Octodad Maxwell takes great care not to break a mug that says "Best Dad Ever".
    • Also the astronauts taking care of Octodad's daughter, bringing her a Super Hug book and protecting her from spiders... Too bad the game later doubled the amount of spiders they released at once on them.
    Dick move, game.
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