Heartwarming / Friendship is Dragons

  • During the confrontation with Nightmare Moon, Twilight's speech as she figures out what the sixth Element is.
  • After the Nightmare Moon arc ends, the GM declares Happily Ever After for good, citing the utter demolishing of his original plans as the reason. The players convince him otherwise, leading to a real happy ending for the session.
  • After the Grand Line guest players leave, Twilight's player worries that she's Not So Different from the Min-Max happy trio. AJ reassures her.
  • Applejack being a Team Mom to Fluttershy in these two strips, encouraging her to continue on after she gets knocked out of the sky and begins to doubt her own abilities. She even proposes to split the party and take Fluttershy along a safer but longer route and rendezvous with the rest of the group at the next junction.
    • As a bonus heartwarming moment, the creator noted that it was at this point in the show that Applejack had become his favourite character.
    • Rainbow Dash's response to Fluttershy's proposal that she stay behind so as to not slow everyone else down:
      No freaking way! No one's getting left behind, end of story.
  • During the Diamond Dogs arc, it becomes clear that Rarity's chosen profession has created a rift between the Mane Six. When Twilight and the others finally find her, Twilight immediately apologizes for this. Soon after, Rarity makes efforts to close that rift.
  • When Twilight learns that Pinkie Pie's player came up with Pinkie Sense because she wanted something special about her character too, she decides to stop trying to explain it and just go with it.
  • After the session she D Ms, Pinkie Pie's player has a very serious bout of anxiety and paranoia, fearing and believing that no one really enjoyed the game and that they're all just pretending to be nice to her. When she doesn't show up to the next session with everyone else at all, Rainbow Dash's player shows up in person to check on her. And as soon as Dash's player figures out what's going on, she drags Pinkie's player to the session... where the rest of the group has set up decorations and snacks to celebrate playing together again after a hiatus, each expressing how glad they are to see Pinkie's player. Needless to say, her mood improves, as does a reader's hope in humanity.
  • After finding out that Dash's player has been questioning and doubting herself after a bad experience at D&D camp, the others all reassure her, making clear that they don't see her as the 'dumb fighter' of the team.
    • AJ's player then demonstrates just how well she knows Dash's player when she's having trouble remembering the Info Dump: she just steps into Spitfire's role and provides proper motivation.
  • Twilight's player seems to have a bit of an inferiority complex regarding an older sibling, and reacts poorly (and unexpectedly) when Shining Armor is introduced into the game. A few panels later, the GM tells her:
    Well, look at you, Twilight. Personal student of Celestia, Element of Magic, savior of Equestria several times over. How much worse would it be if you had a brother who couldn't relate to all that? Or nobody at all?
  • When Rarity's player explains to the others why she's freaked out by them possibly attending the same social gathering as her at Canterlot, the others all reassure her that they understand. Given the issues she's struggled with concerning her character class, their acceptance here is all the sweeter.
  • At the climax of the Sweet and Elite arc, DM's clearly caught flat-footed by Rarity's reaction to being blacklisted and immediately apologizes.
  • Not from the series itself, but from the comments section. Here it is narrated. To summarize, a DM with a love of the Sadistic Choice chains some super-powerful, world-saving plot device weapons to a little girl, and to acquire them, they'd have to kill the little girl. After some debate, one asks for a description of said little girl, decides she's too cute not to bring along, and opts to destroy the items so she can become part of the team. Now a bunch of hardened murderhobos take time out of their busy "kill things" schedule to take her to a local school and buy clothes and toys for her alongside weapons and potions.
  • Fluttershy's player talks about school bullies, and the other players realize she's speaking from personal experience. The DM implies they could change the subject, but Fluttershy says it's okay. Then Pinkie Pie says: "Too bad, you're still getting hugged!"