Heartwarming / Fillmore!

  • The end of "Red Robins Don't Fly":
    Villain: You could have been a part of the greatest organization in the school!
    Ingrid: (putting on her sash) I already am.
  • Ms Folsom of all people, pays for the metal working teacher's dog to have its hip replacement. Though of course she denies it.
  • It's nice to see O'Farrell getting some credit for once in Masterstroke of Malevolence.
    Fillmore: A tripod couldn't represent like you just did, O'Farrell. Remember that.
  • Ingrid's introduction to the show, where she says if just one person had been nice to her by two pm, she wouldn't have confessed to doing something she didn't do. Fillmore would've been there sooner, but he was busy trying to clear a friend's name.
  • Upon hearing that there is a plot to steal the results of a test paper, the resident X Middle School Maths teacher leaves the test result answers in her drawer, unlocked, and announces it to the class, because she's so convinced of her students' good judgement. She was almost wrong, but the kids who planned the theft had a change of heart at the last minute.
  • In "South of Friendship, North of Honor", Wayne has been broken by whatever caused Emily to transfer out and is rebroken when the Safety Patrol leader at his new school kicks him off the squad for snooping at Fillmore's suggestion. What breaks him out of his Heroic Blue Screen of Death? Fillmore in trouble.