Heartwarming: Fate/hollow ataraxia

  • Let's face it: The original war was awesome, but how many got any happiness out of it? So seeing the Masters and the Servants peaceful, happy and loving each other is impossible to frown at.
  • Shirou and Rin's "cat-pajamas" sex-scene... or more accurately love-scene. For a refreshing change in the Nasuverse it was a moment where both parties took joy in the act, and the absolutely adorable smile that Rin wore through the whole sequence will warm your heart as much as set it racing.
  • The thing that Caster and Souichirou are married after all the things they've been put through in the original game is heartwarming in itself.
    • In the Hanafuda minigame Caster is shown making a lovely little scarf for Souichirou.And in their winning sequence he puts it on.
  • Overlapping with Crowning Moment of Funny, Shirou teaching Saber how to swim.
  • Saber just having a normal day of playing soccer with kids. Leads to several funny moments, but just seeing poor Saber being NORMAL is heartwarming.
  • The backstory of Shirou and Shinji's friendship is essentially this, more so when looking back at all the bad blood between them in Fate/stay night.
    Shirou: He watched me as he made fun of me for staying behind to work, but in the end, he never left. Harshly, he said,
    Shinji: "You must be an idiot... You know you're just being used, right?"
    Shirou: He kept bothering me like that the entire time. And finally, in the early hours of the morning...
    Shinji: "Hmmm. You may be an idiot, but you're a good worker, aren't you?"
    Shirou: And he gave me a friendly smile, just as proud as if he'd made it himself.