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Headscratchers: Fate/hollow ataraxia
  • How is Caster still around? One of the big problems with Team Caster in Fate/Stay was that she was lethally draining mana from the surrounding townspeople to fuel her and Assassin's needs (both for combat and day-to-day functionality). Now that she's not doing that, where on earth is she getting the mana?
    • I assume her case is similar to that of Saber in the Fate route. Presumably, she's already got a sizeable amount of mana stored in her body and keeps the levels by eating, sleeping or just some old fashioned "mana transfering" with her master.
    • Also, the main reason for her mana-draining was so she could become powerful enough to fight the other Servants. If she doesn't need to blast people every other day, she doesn't need nearly as much mana.
    • AND she's also not having Assassin do...anything. At all.
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