Headscratchers / Fate/hollow ataraxia

  • How is Caster still around? One of the big problems with Team Caster in Fate/Stay was that she was lethally draining mana from the surrounding townspeople to fuel her and Assassin's needs (both for combat and day-to-day functionality). Now that she's not doing that, where on earth is she getting the mana?
    • I assume her case is similar to that of Saber in the Fate route. Presumably, she's already got a sizeable amount of mana stored in her body and keeps the levels by eating, sleeping or just some old fashioned "mana transfering" with her master.
    • Also, the main reason for her mana-draining was so she could become powerful enough to fight the other Servants. If she doesn't need to blast people every other day, she doesn't need nearly as much mana.
    • AND she's also not having Assassin do...anything. At all. The guy is in spirit form throughout the game.
    • At one point in the original game it was mentioned how Caster was draining people as a precaution so that she had more than enough excess magic to rapid fire all her super high power magic as much as she wanted. It was implied to be like Gilgamesh who didn't need all the power from the orphan batteries but used it so he had enough to pull out Ea whenever he wanted. It was also mentioned that Assassin's actual master in the land moreso than Caster so he may have some funky rules when it comes to how he gets the mana he needs.
  • Why would Saber even have a gekirin? That's a trait of Oriental dragons, whereas she is infused with the blood and power of a European dragon.
  • How did Lancer manage to get even a single job, let alone enough for his changing jobs to become a running gag? As a Servant, he has no documents, no job experience, and no resume. He doesn't even have a Master to pull strings for him. Who the hell was willing to hire him?
    • He's JUST THAT GOOD.
  • Why are the Servants still going by their job titles? I could get it with people they aren't close with (i.e Shirou to anyone besides Rider/Saber) but even after all they have been through you still have Sakura addressing Medusa as Rider, Shirou calling Arturia Saber, and Medea's HUSBAND calling her Caster.
  • How does Gilgamesh know things about Shirou's personal life? Between Fate and UBW, he only saw Shirou a handful of time and all he should know about him is that Shirou had a thing with Saber, that he uses projection magic, and about Unlimited Blade Works. He shouldn't know anything about Shirou's personal life or his training routine.