Heartwarming: Family Feud

  • Richard Dawson gave a long, impassioned speech on the ABC Grand Finale in 1985, thanking the staff and viewers while visibly on the brink of crying. After it, the credits ran without the theme song, and the show ended with announcer Gene Wood saying "So long."
  • This video She says "yes".
  • Richard Dawson's 1980 birthday episode, on which his son Mark and his daughter-in-law (and the show's producer) Cathy Hughart-Dawson surprised him with a cake. Later, son Gary Dawson surprised him with a visit, which brought him to tears. Dawson ended up bringing on producer Howard Felsher, whom he infamously never got along with, and introducing him to the audience. The whole event took so much time the rules were modified: both families played two survey questions; whoever was in the lead at the end got to play a game of Fast Money; the second family played a different Fast Money game, and both families returned the following Monday.
  • Normally whenever a host brings on a relative, usually their children. Possible subversion of this is when Ray Combs brought on his son in one particular Halloween episode; the two dressed up as Batman and Robin. Moments that play it straight, however, are when Combs came on with his sister Connie Combs-Riggs, Richard Dawson brought on his wife Gretchen and daughter Shannon (in 1994; one episode also saw him bring on his grandchildren), and a couple of episodes where John O'Hurley brought out his wife and then-toddler age son.
  • One moment in an episode when Steve Harvey says that what matters most to him is hoping that wherever his mother is, she's watching him and is proud of him.