Awesome / Family Feud

  • On the last Feud of 1976, the Vaught family had no points going into the Double Round (their opponents, the Tullis family {one of which was future Married... with Children actor Dan Tullis Jr.} had 117 points). They managed to win the game on the Double question by getting exactly 200 points (which was the winning score at the time).
  • During the original run, upon expanding to five days a week, the Syndicated version, as game shows are wont to do, held celebrity weeks. One 1985 week in particular featured ten members of the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Mark Goodson, Rod McKuen, Cesar Romero, Rory Calhoon, Keenan Wynn, Betty White, Arlene Dahl, Gloria DeHaven, Audrey Meadows, Dorothy Lamour). By the end of the week, the ladies dominated the men, winning three of the five games, and a final score of $41,534 to $10,700. Richard, as he was wont to do, increased the men's total to $12,500.
  • The Manoukian family's first Fast Money round during the Dawson run. Billy, who tackles the round before his brother-in-law and team captain Socrates, manages to give the top answers to all five questions for an impressive 199 points.
    One measurement of distance is an inch. Name another. Billy gives "mile" for 38 points; Socrates' answer of "foot" wins it with 28.
    A color of M&Ms candy. Red, 39.
    The toughest age for a teenager. Sixteen, 38.
    A popular color for socks. White, 40.
    A fruit that squirts. Orange, 44.
  • On several occasions (once in both Dawson eras and at least three times during Combs'), the first player in Fast Money got 200 points alone. One family on the Combs era managed to do this twice. See here for one of Combs' "clean sweeps."
  • Three Steve Harvey episodes and two Richard Karn episodes had the first player in Fast Money give all five #1 answers. Here's the first time. Unfortunately, unlike the eras before 1999, this will never add up to 200.
  • One family thought they'd only scored 196 points in Fast Money... and then the judge checked the dictionary.
  • "The Comeback of the Century."
    • Another big comeback.
    • A Harvey-era Comeback of the Century, though he did not refer to it as such.
    • February 9, 2016: In probably one of the closest shaves in history, the second player in Fast Money struggled a bit, but slowly got to 199 by the final question. To win, at least two people had to agree with his belief that people ate meat raw. Guess what.
  • Celebrity Family Feud airing June 28, 2015: Catherine Lowe, the winning contestant from Season 17 of The Bachelor, cleans house at Fast Money, scoring a whopping 194 points and giving four of the five No. 1 answers! Despite some nervous moments when her husband, Sean, came up (he repeated the first four answers and couldn't provide a fifth in a timely manner), their team had no trouble winning the $25,000 for charity.
    • Eva Longoria pulled off a similar feat on June 18, 2017, winning 193 points in a single round.
    • A non-celebrity version by the McKissic family. Michelle gets 194 points with four of the five #1 answers. Her older brother J.E. wins the money with his first question, and his second question was the number one answer that Michelle missed. Steve bluntly says that if Michelle had gotten all five #1 answers, she would have won the money on her own a feat that has never even been considered possible since before 1999.