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Like almost any other long-running Game Show, Family Feud and its foreign counterparts have had their share of highly amusing moments.

See also Funny.Family Fortunes for funny moments from the British equivalent. And in general, for any particularly stupid answer, see the What An Idiot subpage.
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    Richard Dawson (1976-85, 1994-95) 
  • Mid-1977: For the first year or so, the Face-Off Podium used much thinner buzzers that, if a contestant wasn't careful, could be broken. This was inevitable. By September 2 (the "Alligator" episode), the normal buzzers were in place. note 
  • Fall 1977: The Face-Off Podium just doesn't want to work. The male contestant even kicks the front of the podium!
  • 1978 (daytime): On this episode, neither contestant could come up with an answer for "Living or dead, name a famous religious woman", so Dawson asked for the question to be thrown out. He then asked the contestants "How much is one and one?" After the female contestant rang in (and the male contestant yelled out "two"), Dawson stopped them and said "Just checking" before reading the actual second question.
  • 1978 (daytime): One contestant stopped Dawson during a Face-Off and asked whether she could go to the bathroom. He said that she could, but they'd have to stop tape... so she asked "Do you just have a can?" Dawson, presumably trying to offset the Squick factor, replied "No, you store film in cans. We keep our videotape in boxes."
  • 1978 (daytime): "Name someone famous who probably won't, or didn't, make it to Heaven.", with nine answers present. Only the first answer given, Adolf Hitler, is on the board (specifically, #2), resulting in a quick first round worth just $16. The real fun came with most of the other unrevealed answers - two, Idi Amin (#3) and Charles Manson (#5), made sense, but the others...? Richard Nixon (which Dawson disagrees with), Redd Foxx, Don Rickles, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Dean Martin, and Burt Reynolds. The reactions from Dawson, the contestants, and the studio audience can easily be filed under the "Who the hell was surveyed?!" category.
  • 1979(?; All-Star Special): This intro to the Dallas vs. Eight Is Enough game.
  • March 31, 1980 (daytime): During Fast Money, a constant answers "Zoo" to the last question: "Name a place where people win something." Richard is so shocked by this answer that he lets the contestant try again, which he does with "Casino". It wound up not mattering since they won $5,000 before they could get to that question.
  • 1980 (daytime): A question asked "Name something some people do only once while others do it more than once." To everyone's surprise, the number three answer was "Smoke marijuana", answered by six people.
  • 1980 (daytime): This question.
    Dawson: Name the least romantic kind of place you can think of to bring someone on a date.
    Contestant: Garbage dump.
  • Taped September 25, 1980 (daytime), in what is probably the most infamous Family Feud moment period:
    Cathy: September.
    • The kicker is when he has to ask it to the second contestant, he absolutely struggles to get back on-topic and ends up having to explain away why he was suddenly laughing about "September". Then she proceeded to respond to "Name a noisy bird" with "Cuckoo", causing Dawson to lose it again, and then give up entirely when time expired ("Aw, to hell with that!")
  • 1981 (nighttime): One episode had the Fast Money question "Besides soap and a towel, name something people take with them into the bath". The contestant said "a duck", which was met by Dawson with derision. And then it turned that it was one of the answers given (as in "rubber duckie")... and Dawson literally dropped on his face.
    Dawson (after getting back up): I get to retire after this show.
  • Dawson and the Strike operator have some fun.
    Dawson: Name someone past or present famous for his or her wiggle.
    Contestant: Gypsy Rose Lee.
    (Dawson turns around, but the Strike beats him to the punch)
    Dawson: Gyp- Ro- Lee.
    Dawson: Lee. Ros-
    Dawson: Gypsy!
    Dawson: Rose!
    Dawson: Gypsy!
    Dawson: Lee!
    (buzzer, followed by it sounding over 20 times more)
    Dawson (over buzzers): Lee!-Oh... yeah-no, I can take a hint. (buzzers stop) Alright... (turns to contestant who gave the response) you were that close, though.
  • During the Face-Off for the question "Name a fruit with an edible peel", the woman who rang in said "Banana". Later in the round, Dawson called her bluff by eating a banana, peel and all.
  • Early 1985 (daytime): While the question and dumb answer have been seen before on various blooper specials ("Something you make conversation about when you meet a stranger." "Mutual friends."), the subsequent Face-Off isn't — and it's a shame, because Dawson couldn't stop laughing.
  • 1994-95: Dawson pulled a Combs once when the first contestant got 200 points in Fast Money. Dawson asked the joke question of "Besides giving birth to Adolf, name a reason for hating Mrs. Hitler" for the second contestant.
  • Dawson was nearly driven to despair when the contestants kept misinterpreting the question "Name a question such as 'how old are you?' that you might answer with a lie." by answering with ages (the first woman to buzz in interrupted Dawson right after he said "how old are you"). Thankfully, the contestants eventually figured it out.
    Dawson: I will not give up with this question! I have faith in my families.
  • Possibly one of the funniest intentional answers:
    Dawson: Two answers left, no Strikes, John, slang name for a policeman!
    Contestant: ...DIIIICK!
    Dawson: Pardon me? What did you say?
    Contestant: Dick.
    Dawson: Okay...(exasperated) may we see what he said?
    (buzzer sounds)
    • To clarify, "dick" actually was once a slang term for detective.
  • This question:
    Dawson: Name something a hostess does to let her guests know it's time to leave.
    (contestant buzzes in)
    Contestant: (shrugs her shoulders) She goes to bed...
    Dawson: Well, that'd certainly tip me off... (pointing at board) She hits the sack?
    (strike sound)
    Dawson: No!
  • An early example of Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    Dawson: Name something that has to warm up before you use it.
    Contestant: How about your wife?
  • From a Fast Money round:
    Dawson: One of the three bears.
    Contestant: Yogi.
    Dawson: Name...
    (everybody laughs)
    Dawson: This man's flying airplanes for us...
    (contestant is an airline pilot)
    Dawson: (tries to read the next question, but laughs more)
  • This question:
    Dawson: Name something you buy and then have to be careful about how you carry it home.
    Contestant: An infant.
    Dawson: (puzzled) An infant... Something you buy.
    (audience begins to laugh)
  • 1994-1995: "What is the perfect, ideal, everyday temperature?" As in weather. The contestant answered 98.6 Degrees.
    Dawson: What would be the ideal, everyday temperature? Everybody... disrobe! (answer is revealed, audience is in hysterics) 98.6! Survey said... (buzzer) Ze-oh! (Jamaican accent) It's like living on de equa-taah!
  • "Name a piece of clothing wives buy for their husbands." "Halter tops."
    Dawson: I remember when my wife bought me my very first halter top, and looking back on it all, I would say that was the point where we began to drift apart...
  • "Well, what's your story?" "I'm ...I'm in young girls' pants, I manufacture pants."
    • Richard's reaction to that is priceless. He actually does a Double Take.
  • From the ABC finale:
    Dawson: I hope a crisis comes up internationally so that the president doesn't see our last show, because you and I will be sent to Grenada. "How old do you think Ronald Reagan is?" we asked innocently. You said (contestant's answer of 80 is revealed) uh, 30. (audience laughs) Survey said: (ding) Five. You're not alone, that's good news. Number one answer was 60; it was obviously answered by people who were also being terrified of being deported.
    Contestant: How old is he?
    Dawson: How old is he, 74? I'd say he looks about 65. I think his neck looks about 90.
  • "Name something boys generally start at an earlier age than girls." When the other family gets a chance to steal, they decide to go with "sex". Dawson's response? "Well, who would they do it with then!?" Gets even funnier when you consider the rising acceptance of LGBT people since the episode's airdate.
    Ray Combs (1988-94) 
  • Ray Combs gave us a funny moment right out of the gate on his first show (July 4, 1988):
    Combs: [...]I'm excited about being on CBS and hosting this show. I have been studying all the great CBS shows. I think I'm prepared, so if you're ready... let's have the first item up for bids.
  • A few times during Combs' run, the first player in Fast Money got more than 200 points alone. As a joke, Combs hushed the audience and brought out the second player, then said that the first player had only gotten a ridiculously-small number of points. He then asked the second player gag questions such as "Name a number between three and five" before revealing the first player's score and saying that the family had won the jackpot.
    • One of the YouTube comments laments a golden missed opportunity there; for the question, "Name a number between 3 and 5," have the "repeated answer" buzzer go off when the contestant answered "four."
    • One family managed to do this twice during their reign. The second time, Ray tried to pull the same stunt twice on the same Fast Money contestant, but she looked at the board and ruined his prank.
  • This Bullseye round with contestants from American Gladiators:
    Ray: Name a specific part of the body that women try to accentuate.
    (Sabre rings in)
    Ray: Sabre.
    Sabre: Breasts. (points at Diamond's breasts)
    (everyone laughs, Diamond, who was playing against him, shows off her breasts while he stares at her smiling and watching)
  • This Bullseye round question:
    Ray: Tell me a way—and listen to the wording 'cause it's worth 5,000—Tell me which way the smoke from your barbecue always blows.
    (contestant Dave rings in)
    Ray: Dave.
    Dave: Up!
    (audience laughs)
    Ray: Show me "up" for $5,000!
    Ray: (to the opponent, Dan) Tell me which way the smoke from your barbecue always blows, Dan, for five grand.
    Dan: Uh, the way of the wind!
    (audience laughs)
    Ray: Show me "the way of the wind"!
    Ray: Could it be... "In your face"? What was—(Bullseye answer is revealed) "Into your face".
  • Another Bullseye round question:
    Ray: Besides medicine, tell me something else you can buy at most drugstores.
    (contestant William rings in)
    Ray: William?
    William: Condoms!
    (audience laughs)
    Ray: I'm gonna say it. Here's a man that would not be doing dishes. All right.
    (more laughter)
    Ray: Let me see "condoms" for $4,000!
    Ray: NO!
  • Circa 1993: During the Bullseye Round, a Playboy playmate (who was playing for charity) was presented with a bouquet of flowers by her opponent. While leaning over the buzzers to kiss him for the wonderful gesture, she accidentally hit her buzzer with her boobs.
    Ray (looking at her, a smile on his face): That's the first time anyone's slapped that buzzer and didn't use their hands!
  • "Aside from a house or a car specifically, what is the most expensive thing you own?" The first buzz-in answer? "A car." The staff didn't even wait for Ray to prompt them — as soon as that response came out of her mouth, the buzzer went off.
  • "Name something you wear to bed." Quoth the little old lady, "A condom!"
  • Someone else gave that same answer to "Name something a husband might ask his wife to carry in her purse."
  • "Name something normally worn only by children." "Clothes."
  • This exchange:
    Ray: Name something that falls from trees.
    Contestant: How about bird shit?
    Contestant: Well, it happens, Ray! It does happen!
    Ray: Boy, I'm glad cows don't fly.
  • And this one:
    Ray: Tell me a slang term that means "wife".
    Contestant named Craig: Bitch.
    (audience boos and jeers)
    Ray: (sarcastically) Good answer!
    • To clarify, this was a game between divorcees, with ex-husbands playing against their ex-wives.
  • A strange answer:
    Ray: We asked 100 married men, specifically, something that your wife would do that would be shocking.
    Contestant: Greet you at the door...naked!
    (laughter and applause)
    Ray: (shakes the contestant's hand) That's a good answer. You can keep your cats and never cook either, if you greet me at the door "naked".
    (That turns out to be the number one answer, much to everyone's surprise)
  • One rowdy contestant was waving her arms around right when Ray walked back to her spot. The result, an accidental whack in the head, which Ray oversold by crumpling to the ground. When he gets back up, he says, "I think she broke my hair, judge..."
  • This question:
    Combs: Name something on an elephant that is huge.
    Contestant: I'm gonna have to say a big butt.
    (audience laughs)
    Combs: No, No not that it's a bad thing.
    Contestant: No, not at all, I like big butts.
    (audience laughs even more)
  • A young contestant whose family is going for the steal offers an interesting answer:
    Combs: We asked 100 women, name something women borrow from each other.
    Contestant: One another's husbands.
    Combs: Their husbands?
    (audience laughs)
    Contestant: You never know, Ray.
    Combs: You think that made the survey?
    Contestant: No.
  • "Describe the weather with a word or phrase that you would also use to describe your wife." "Wet!"
    • Another contestant says, "Misty."
  • Ray has fun with this answer:
    Combs: Name something you would never do in the rain.
    Contestant: Take off my clothes.
    (audience laughs)
    Combs: Would you do it in the sunshine?
    (audience laughs even more)
  • An unexpected answer, according to Ray:
    Combs: Name something someone does that could upset everybody else in a room.
    Contestant: I want to say "fart".
    (Ray jumps back in response, audience laughs)
    Combs: God bless you for saying what's on your mind. And believe me, I almost did it when you said that.
  • For the question, "Name a company known for its initials", a contestant guesses "CBS" which is not on the board. One of the uncovered answers then turns out to be NBC, prompting Ray to call out whoever answered that to the survey.
  • After one contestant accidentally refers to Ray as Richard:
    Combs: You can call me Richard. Besides, he hosted the very same show I'm hosting now!
  • "Name an ugly color." "Puce." (Scored 5 points!)
  • From a Fast Money round:
    Combs: Something that your dog does.
    Contestant: Pee!
    Combs: Your dog does a great trick. (the answer is revealed) It goes wee-wee! Survey said: (ding) Two people.
    (Combs asks the the second contestant, John, the same question)
    Combs: Something that your dog does.
    John: Poops!
    Combs: (later when the answer is revealed) You guys have a unique dog. (audience laughs) Survey said: (ding) Three.
    John: Yeah, more that time!
    Combs: You know, John, the number one answer was "bark". If you let the dog out, it wouldn't be pooping and peeing in your house! That's why they're barking! (audience laughs)
  • From an episode pitting the casts of CBS soaps Guiding Light and The Bold and the Beautiful: "Name something that squirts when you least expect it." "A breast."
  • From the Geha versus Beauchaine episode: "What specific thing might you be doing that would make a telephone call really annoying?"
    • The Geha family had already given four of the top five answers (bathing, making love, sleeping, and eating) before striking out. After the Gehas' third-strike answer of "swimming", Ray "swims" toward the Beauchaines' podium and receive answers such as "talking on another line", cooking, wrestling, and reading. Upon getting to family patriarch Dave, Ray gets this response:
      Dave Beauchaine: I'm gonna go with my own: Sittin' on the john. (Ray drops to the floor in surprise, then Dave points over to the Gehas) They think it's pretty good.
      Combs: Dave, you say they think it's pretty good? Dave, you should know they're your competitors. They think it's good 'cause they don't think it's there, Dave. Show me "going potty"!
    • "Using the toilet," said by seven people, earns the steal for the Beauchaines. Ray reacts in shock.
      Combs: IT'S THERE! It is THERE! (after returning to the face-off podium) You can edit this out, but I gotta say I think that's a pretty crappy answer.
  • Ray broke into hysterics over this Fast Money answer:
    Combs: Name something a woman out on a date would hate to see if she were to steal a glance in the mirror.
    Contestant: A booger.
  • Ray (and everyone else) laughed at this one despite that it was a real What An Idiot moment.
    Combs: I asked you the birthday that men dread the most. You said... their wife's!
  • From 1988: "Name a television evangelist who you think is trustworthy."
    Combs: Jimmy Swaggart, a man who has admitted to sexual misconduct, is trusted by one more person than Jerry Falwell!note 
    Louie Anderson (1999-2002) 
    Richard Karn (2002-06) 
  • Fall 2002: After Karn asked one question, the contestants tried to buzz-in... only to find that the podium didn't work (no sounds). Karn proceeded to alternate smacking the buzzers, to no avail.
  • Fall 2002: "Name an animal whose legs are on a restaurant menu." No buzz-in response. Karn tried (and epically failed) to hold in his laughter as he slowly HeadDesked the podium to which the Strike sound played, meaning the question was skipped. Karn got back up, added "I don't even wanna know!" and tossed the index card with the question written on it away.
  • Fall 2002: "Name a word that rhymes with cookie." A contestant said "Nookie" and got 23 points.
  • 2000s: "Name something dogs can do better than humans." "Pee."
  • 2000s: "Name an animal with spots". The #2 answer was Tigers. In a reversal of the usual "moronic answers" formula, nobody even thought to guess this one. And then while returning from the next commercial break, Richard says "We're still looking for that spotted tiger."
  • 2000s (possibly unaired): One contestant instinctively rang in before Richard even asked the question, prompting him to snark "Ooh, ooh, call on me, call on me!"
  • 2000s: During the final round: "Name an animal with a long tail." "Giraffe!" It got two points. And then when the second person came up, she said "giraffe" too.
  • "Name something you wouldn't want the police to find in the trunk of your car." "Pickles."
  • "Name a word you use instead of a curse word." Two answers had to be censored.
    Karn: Again, I'd like to point out it's instead of using the curse word.
    Game$how Marathon (Summer 2006) 
  • The Ricki Lake-hosted Game$how Marathon wasn't all that great or memorable in general, but a somewhat funny moment occured during the Family Feud finale. For a bit of background, at the time the miniseries aired, the show itself was in the midst of a host changeover — John O'Hurley for Richard Karn — meaning Karn's running gag of "I'M DOUBLING THE POINTS!" followed by applause from the audience was still fresh on the radar. When Ricki Lake mentioned before the beginning of one faceoff that the point values were doubled — in her usual calm non-Karn delivery — the audience still applauded, taking Ricki by surprise for a few seconds. (To clarify: the version of Feud this episode was patterned after was the 1976-85 Richard Dawson version.)
    John O'Hurley (2006-10) 
  • 2007-08: One answer remained unrevealed for "Name a reason why a man would want to marry Martha Stewart." — "He's gay."
  • Fall 2009: "Of all the US Presidents, which would look best in a Speedo?" No, seriously.
  • "Name something that goes up" Number 6 answer was Mr. Happy.
  • "Name something that shrinks." One person answered "The Incredible Shrinking Man", which was accepted as "People." Later...
    Contestant: Um...your wiener?
    (audience laughs)
    O'Hurley: In Seinfeld terms, show me..."shrinkage"! (beat) That's the same as "people"? Like hell it is!
  • 2006: One of the very first videos uploaded to the show's YouTube account, before the season had even premiered, was a clip featuring the question "Name a way to make bathing a sexy experience." This one got met with two funny answers, "In the nude", and "401(k) jelly" (presumably, he was wanting to say "KY Jelly", a brand of lubricant.)
    O'Hurley: I remember 401(k) being a retirement plan, not a jelly! But in a troubled economy, you go anywhere you can.
  • Another infamous answer:
    O'Hurley: Name something a man might do to look good that he doesn't want people to know about.
    Sonia: Stuff his pants.
    O'Hurley: Nothing makes a man look better than to have the entire produce section. All right! From Sonia's lips to the board, show me, "Stuff his pants!". (buzzer) I want you to look right in the camera and say "Hello, YouTube!".
  • 2008: "Name a famous pig." A contestant guesses "my mother-in-law".
    O'Hurley: I think the holidays are going to be a very different experience for you this year.
  • "Name something you do to a fish." "Flush it down the toilet."
  • This Fast Money question...
    O'Hurley: Name the age when you start worrying about your weight.
    Contestant 1: 20. (scored two points)
    Contestant 2: 15. (scored four points)
  • "Name the fastest-selling drug." A contestant said "Marijuana" and got nine points.
  • O'Hurley deals with a strange answer:
    O'Hurley: Name something that a fed-up wife might finally tell her husband to do for himself.
    Contestant: Um... satisfy himself? That's what we're going with.
    (audience cheers and applauds)
    O'Hurley: You started off... with romantic encounters in the elevator...
    Contestant: You have no idea that this is—
    O'Hurley: Penicillin... from Mexico, and now your advice to the fed-up husband from his wife is "go satisfy yourself"? It's a complete cycle, my friend.
  • "Name something that lives in a cage." "A man." (Scored 6 points!)
  • "Name something a woman has that her friends might be jealous of." "Big boobs." (Scored 14 points!)
  • In response to "Something of Tarzan's that Jane should get when they're divorced", a contestant answered with Tarzan's yell which she imitated.
  • And this one:
    O'Hurley: Name something women squeeze.
    Contestant: Boobs.
    O'Hurley: We are having a Johnny Depp moment here!
    Al Roker (NBC, 2008) 
    Steve Harvey (2010-Present) 
The primary source of funny is Steve basically saying what the audience is thinking and berating contestants for giving stupid answers, generally being shocked if the answer is actually on the board. Thanks to the show's official YouTube page, he got major points with the fanbase before Season 12 even began. He's also responsible for the show's ratings being better than they've ever been before.

  • "When people talk about 'The Big One', what are they talking about?" The first answer? A man's privates. Cue the most epic "WTF?!" face from Steve.
    Steve: ..."Family"! "Family"! I just got this job! What are you trying to do?!
  • During a question asking for a word or phrase that starts with "Pot", a contestant responded with "Potato". Steve, after being shocked for a few seconds (and can be seen mouthing "Potato?"), responded to both the family and audience with "Why y'all clapping?" After explaining the problem with the contestant's answer, he stated that "I'm gonna just... start walking towards the [other] family." As it turned out, "Potato" was on the board, shocking Steve again and prompting him to beg for the contestant's forgiveness.
  • "In this bad economy, what might Santa Claus have to do to one of his reindeer?" "Eat one." Steve then proceeded to tear into the guy and his family ("You stop high-fivin' him!"), taking said response to its logical extreme. And then it was on the board, stunning Steve to the point where he could only muster a small "Wow."
  • "Name a creature people sometimes get rid of by flushing it down the toilet." A very innocent-looking teenage girl dressed like she read some Dawson-era fashion tips answers the stuff that you normally flush down the toilet. Steve's reaction is just a little TMI.
  • "We asked 100 men. Name a part of your body that's bigger than it was when you were 16." The 2nd contestant gives the answer you've all been waiting for, to which Steve slowly crumples to the floor... all while the timer continues to count down. After it hits zero, well... just watch. (The full round was MUCH worse, though.)
  • Not on the show's YouTube page but still unaired, this exchange where Steve celebrates the birthday of the cue card lady. He then points out her husband "Woodstock" (so named because he's "been a hippie his entire life"), only to discover that Don (the man standing to Steve's right who gives him each question card) was the cue card lady's first husband.
    Steve: Well, welcome to Family Feud everybody. ... Right after the show, outside, Don and Woodstock are gonna be kicking each other's ass.
  • During a question asking for something someone with long legs may not be able to fit into, a contestant responded with "Long Pants." Steve responded by walking over to the contestant and basically lecturing her as a father would to his daughter over her choice. Steve's next reaction says it all.
  • October 2010: A girl nicknamed Double-D.
    Steve: can do that on Family Feud? This is the greatest show I've ever had!
  • Steve cheers a strike.
  • It's not uncommon for a family to reveal all the answers on the board, and it has happened many times with no Strikes. A pastor's family doing a Strikeless Sweep on this question is... well, it probably hasn't happened before or since.
    Steve: (grinning) I gotta go to this church!
  • Later in the same episode, "Name something that a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house." "Nekkid grandmaw!" The best part? It was the #2 answer (listed as "Gun/Occupant)".
    Opponent: (deadpan) I wouldn't want to see that, either.
  • "Name a profession where you might get booed." "A comedian." Despite the verbal backspacing the poor girl cut loose with, Steve looked like he took it personally.
  • During Fast Money: "Name a job that's dirty, but someone has to do it." "Plumber. [buzz-buzz] Uh .... Gynecologist."
  • These three questions have the same train of thought by the contestants.
    Steve: This is when you know we're goin' to Hell.
  • "Name a reason why someone may leave a house through the window." Vanessa gives an answer ("They lock themselves in the house, with the bolt lock-the extra lock on top.") which Steve notes has already been given ("Lost Key / Locked In") by literally walking up to the board and pointing at it... but she says it's different ("Maybe you spell 'lock' with two Ks"). She re-phrases her answer as "the deadbolt is stuck", to which Steve just says "Okay, I tell you what, let's just go with this one right here." It's accepted as "Broken Door". Steve, shocked by the discovery, ends up hugging and kneeling down to her.
    Steve: Forgive me, I'm sorry. I thought that was the stupidest answer...
  • Contrary to what Steve heard at first, this contestant did not say "my black-ass parents".
  • May 2011: Name a kind of crack. No, seriously.
    Steve: (resignedly) This show is going to hell.
  • "Name something a man might give a nickname to." "His private parts." Steve's reaction says it all.
    Steve: Obviously, this isn't the show I thought it was...
    • Even more hilarious was that it came out on the board as "His Ding-Dong".
  • September 16, 2011: "Name something you see in every scary movie."
  • Fall 2011: "Name something you put in your mouth but don't swallow." A pastor's wife gives the dirty answer you're more than likely thinking of (sperm), and Steve responds with probably the best "The Reason You Suck" Speech in the history of the genre... not only to her, but perhaps also to the show, which has been using these kinds of questions on purpose.
    Steve: (mocking her) "We're goin' for the money, so that makes it alright! It doesn't matter I'm a pastor's wife, a ticket to Hell is worth $20,000! You know it's up there, Steve-" (normal) No, I don't know a damn thing that's up there! What you ain't gonna do is drag me into your little nasty world! I don't know nothin' that's up there! "Oh, Steve, you know what's up there-" The hell I know what's up there!.... I have kids. Now... sp-spe...
    (Strike sound plays; Steve goes into Happy Dance mode as the contestant looks shocked)
  • "Name something an airline pilot may be holding during a long flight?"
  • "Which of the Seven Dwarfs best describes your wife in bed?" A Youtube commenter described it best:
    "You know you've entered dangerous waters when even a Marine refuses to answer a question."
  • "Name something that gets passed around" "A Joint". Despite Steve's reaction, it's on the board. What makes this moment even better is the other contestant's answer, "a church collection plate" was worth less, and it was the only answer on the board worth less than "a joint"
    Steve: It scored less than the joint. This is not good.
  • November 7, 2011: Name the best dressed game show host.
  • Steve loses it over inconsistent judging surrounding the question "Name something that comes out of a hole."
  • Name something you might see a squirrel at the park doing with his nuts. Made even funnier when someone responded with "Eating nuts" when Harvey didn't even finish the question, the same person later saying "Show me nuts!" The clincher, though, is the end of the round, where the last answer is revealed to be "scratching them", at which point Steve tosses question card in utter exasperation.
    Steve: We'll be right back! ...If we still have a show!
  • Name something a man might have in his pants when he's going on a hot date. One contestant knows her answer's going to be inappropriate and tries to be as PG as possible by saying "He's excited to go on his date." Steve knew what she was talking about but wanted her to be more specific. Her new answer? Boner. Steve's reaction was priceless: "You can say that on TV? What are y'all clappin' for? YOU SAID BONER! YOU SAID IT, YOU DIDN'T ASK ME IF YOU COULD SAY THAT!"
    • Number 5 answer, phrased as "a pitched tent", worth 5 points.
  • "Name something that follows the word 'pork'" Firstly, Steve misunderstands a contestant's accented "Loin" as "Lawn" (who then proceeds to blurt out "L-I-O-N! Loin!" But then, another member of the family took it further by guessing "-cupine" (as in porcupine, with the same logic as the "Pot-ato" incident). Steve's reaction says it all
    Steve: He said -cupine, (laughing) -cupine, -cupine, what?! What is -cupine? This is the greatest answer I've ever heard!
    • The name of the girl that gave the "Loin" answer? Punkin.
    • And then Steve devotes a whole segment of his stand-up finale to it here (note: language NSFW).
  • "Name something that has white balls." The number 6 answer was "White Dudes".
  • During Fast Money, "Name something you might put on top of a salad." Immediately realizing he made a major mistake, the second contestant says "Whipped cream". Steve declares it to be his favorite.
  • "Name an occupation where someone wears a robe." "What is a surgeon?" Steve chastises the contestant for answering in the form of a question.
  • "A wife can really cut her husband down to size by making fun of his what?" His manhood. (Which is the number 1 answer, labeled as Shrinky Dinky)
    Steve: All you women that's out there clapping, listen to me... Don't call it your man's Shrinky Dinky, okay, you'll wind up in a real situation, I can tell you that right now. You got a lot of stuff, but what I ain't 'bout to be is Shrinky Dinky.
  • "Name something that will ruin a kiss." One of the contestants answers "a moustache." Steve's expression is priceless.
    • The next answer? "Huge lips."
  • "Name something that comes in 6-inch and 12-inch sizes." One contestant answers "condoms", and Steve loses it. Unlike a previous episode with this question, condoms were not on the board. Also surprising is that no one gave the other obligatory answer in that particular realm, "Guy's 'Soul Pole'".
    • Later during Fast Money, the contestants give "Titties" (4 points!) and "Tush" (2 points!) as body parts starting with the letter "T". In the case of the former, Steve is shocked and amazed that the contestant said it without an ounce of hesitation
    Steve: Without hesitation. And he saw absolutely nothing wrong!
  • "Name a place on your body you wouldn't want a doctor to stick his finger." With a similarly hilarious level of confidence, members of the same family answer with "In the butt." (number one answer!) and "Vagina" (not on the board).
  • 2012: "Name a place on your body that a doctor might look in with a little flashlight." The first contestant of the episode's "Fast Money" round, April, answers "Butt," leading Steve to later joke that if his doctor shines a flashlight in that area during an exam, "me and that man [his doctor] right there, we gonna tear that whole office up (i.e., Steve will fight him)." To both Steve and the audience's surprise, the answer earns 11 points! The hilarity is amplified further when April's sister, Bonita, gives the same answer when she has to answer the same survey questions!... which not only prompts a buzzer, but causes the audience to immediately burst out laughing, Steve to walk off to the other side of the stage and April to give Bonita a high-five.
  • October 2012: "Name something parents hope their son has done by the time he's 30." "Have sex." The other contestant (and eventually, everyone else) realizes just how "interesting" the answer was; Steve had to emphasize that they were looking for what the parents hoped. It did score 2 points as "Scored/Sown Oats", though.
  • For the win: "If Santa Claus was sick on Christmas Eve, who might he ask to deliver the presents?" "The Easter Bunny." She was right.
  • In what probably is the first time this has ever happened since Celebrity Family Feud (or the TNA special):
    Steve: Fill in the blank; when I was a kid, we didn't have what?
    Mike: (buzzes in) Shit. (cue laughter, collective facepalms, and Harvey's WTF face) ...can I say that? It's the first thing that came to my head.
  • February 18, 2013: "Name something in a honeymoon suite that encourages romance." "K-Y Jelly"
  • November 27, 2013: Unfortunate Implications are not limited to the living.
    Steve: Name something you know about zombies.
    [Christie buzzes in]
    Christie: Black.
    Steve: [deadpan] They're black, okay. [laughter]
    Christie: I don't know if they're white, alright. Just help me. [long, awkward pause] It's up there! It's up there!
    Steve: You shut up, lady. The bl-, the Black Zombies! [strike]
  • While a contestant introduced himself, Steve was fixing his tie. Then this happened:
    Contestant: I'm a product development consultant, and Steve Harvey is touching me!
    Steve: *jumps back, startled* ...Did that sound like a lawsuit to y'all?
  • This exchange:
    Steve: Name a place people like to escape to.
    Contestant: A drunken state!
    Steve: *looks up with a 'what the hell' expression*
    • The contestant has to clarify what she meant, for a moment Steve thought she was talking about an actual state. He mentions he was thinking of Alabama or Georgia or something similar.
  • One Fast Money question was, "Name a reasonable curfew for a sixteen-year-old." The contestant answered...
    Contestant: Six o'clock!
    Steve: Six o'clock? GET IN THE HOUSE, IT'S SIX O'CLOCK!
  • The inevitable answer to this question:
    Steve: Name something a man has that he likes to polish.
    Contestant: His man part! *audience laughs while Steve gives him his I'm-losing-faith-in-humanity look* ...Not that I know from experience-
    Steve: Shut up.
  • "Name something you pull out." "Your penis!"
  • Steve met a contestant named Khanh, who was a heavy set man. When he asked Khanh what he did for a living, he responded, "I'm a recovering vegetarian." Cue Steve losing it.
  • The final answer to "Name something you fantasize about hitting your husband with" was a giant rubber dong. (For bonus humor, read through the comment section where the commenters guess what the category was.)
  • This one. The question was "Name a word or phrase that means 'Naked'". The contestant said "Nekkid", and Steve Harvey went on a huge rant saying how he wouldn't be able to use that. The contestant then decides on "Scantily Clad". Harvey loses it.
    • The contestant (Arvell) tries to justify his answer, and Steve gives a response that could just about sum up his attitude towards every silly answer he hears on the show.
  • Asking for the best low voice someone has ever heard, "Harry Styles." Steve's reaction is hilarious.
    Steve: Harry Styles, ha ha ha, who the hell is that?
  • "We asked 100 men; name something you might like about living life as a woman." "I can have my own breasts!" It was the #1 answer.
  • "Name something a doctor might pull out of a person". You might not believe the answer even after you hear it
  • "We talked to a hundred women, name something most women wouldn't be caught dead leaving the house without." "Their vibrator." Steve's improv is just gold. "Well, on my way to the grocery store...Where in the world is my toy? Ain't no tellin' how long these lines gon' be..."
  • "If the Statue of Liberty were a man, name something it might be holding instead of a torch." The number four answer, "its wang", prompts Steve to mime doing so immediately. The folks over at Whose Line Is It Anyway? would have joined in with him.
  • This contestant failed to realize that their answer was already up on the board.
  • "Name a little animal that's as scary to people as a big shark." "Chihuahua." Steve says he would dive into the audience naked if its up there; it's not.
  • This contestant somehow misses the buzzer.
  • May 14, 2015: "Tell me a nickname that someone gives their lover that starts with the word 'sugar'." "Sugar dumpling." You know an answer is ridiculous when it makes Steve breaks into song...
  • Of course, the New Celebrity Family Feud had to lead off with "Name something a nude magician might pull a rabbit out of." Anthony Anderson's mom says "His nuts"; cue everyone trying to emphasize that this is supposed to be a family show.
    Steve: This show is goin' to hell. The kahunas! [strike]
  • June 28, 2015 (Celebrity Family Feud): It's NFL night (AFC vs. NFC). 49ers tight end Vernon Davis stole the show.
    • "If you're good at reading body language, which part of a woman speaks the loudest?" "Her feet."
    • Steve scalding Terrell Suggs for hitting the buzzer too hard.
    • "Name something that follows the word 'strip'." The whole round was pretty much a laugh riot, but taking the cake, "Strip rip", and Vernon trying to play the Pork-cupine card with "...-Per?"
  • July 19, 2015: "Name something that can be inflated or deflated." Steve absolutely knows something bad is about to happen the moment he looks at the card, because up against Holly Robinson Peete is Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots. Holly Robinson Peete gives a low-scoring answer, but Rob decides to pass, perhaps because Too Soon.note  Then we also get the bad answers "condom" and "teddy bear".
  • Date unknown, uploaded on August 5, 2015: "Name something a farmer's wife might accuse him of caring about more than her." The contestant says "farm equipment" first, but Steve says he needs to be more specific...
    Contestant: His... hoe?
    (the entire audience cracks up)
    Steve: I kid you not, I couldn't have wrote a joke better than that! That's the best damn answer I've ever heard as the host of Family Feud! That's damn brilliant!
    Contestant: Thank you, Steve.
    Steve: Now, it ain't up there, but that is the BEST damn answer that ain't on the board I've ever heard!
  • In Fast Money, "How many of the Ten Commandments have you broken this month?" "Seven." Steve loses it when he goes over the results (the first person said "three")
    Steve: You said ... seven outta ten! Who does that? In a month!? What have you done? Who'd you kill? You stole some stuff, which one is it? Which one of the three didn't she do?!
  • September 18, 2015: "If you were an octopus, name something you could do to 8 people all at once." Yes, they went there, and the very first guess was "suck on them" (not on the board). It culminated with one woman giving an answer that was too hot for TV (but apparently hot enough for YouTube)note ; it was accepted as "Fondle/Their butts".
  • In Fast Money, "Name something that would make a party depressing." "Dead person." It scored 8 points.
  • "What would make you suspect that your new home was haunted?". The #4 answer: "A ghost impregnated me".
  • "What do you think a blind date might conveniently forget to tell you?" After five seconds of almost reaching for the buzzer, a member of the right family does and answers "He's blind."
  • November 23, 2015: "Name a part of a man's body that if hair were ripped from it, it would cause them to cry." The first person says "chest", and of course the second person said "Penis". Even better is the fact that the judges actually considered it a valid answer (presumably, they counted it as "Crotch"), and it scored 26 points!
  • The Hilarious Outtakes, which the show posts to its website and YouTube:note 
  • The crew ambushes Steve by flashing a rather shocking picture of one of the answers on the board. The reaction sells it: "When the hell'd we start using props?"
  • "We asked 100 women: Name something you like to do when you're home alone." The answer: "Masturbate". And when it's not up there, she insists the women lied.
  • February 23, 2016: Steve asks for "another way people say 'mother'"; one contestant seemingly tests his patience by giving answers that had already been said, with slightly different pronunciations.
    • That same family went on to the Fast Money round, since the other family couldn't steal the points from the normal round. The first contestant, Cecilia, gave three bad answers and one decent one (she couldn't think of anything for the first question), for a total of 19 points. Steve doesn't have the heart to tell the second contestant, Sam, just how many points he needs, and before asking for 25 seconds on the clock, he says "Let's remind everyone of Cecilia's answer." Sam had already been struggling to keep a straight face, and finally lost it when Steve said this.
  • February 24, 2016: (Fast Money) "Name something Grandpa is too old to be riding on." "His wife." Even more hilarious? This answer won the game.
  • July 3, 2016 (Celebrity Family Feud): "Name something people do sexier than others." "Drive." Steve remarks that this was the first time he had ever heard the opponents laugh at an answer.
  • July 10, 2016 (Celebrity Family Feud): "Fill in the blank: 'pie in the [what?]'" Snoop Dogg, being the person that he is, says "Horse." Steve cannot comprehend what the hell that answer is supposed to mean.
    Steve: We need one point! Fill in the blank: Pie in the what the hell did you say?
  • July 31, 2016 (Celebrity Family Feud):
    Steve: Name someone you kiss goodbye but never passionately.
    James Hinchcliffe: That's a lie! I've seen you two kiss!
    [Tony "TK" Kanaan goes over to kiss Conor on the cheek.]
    Hinch: You tell me there wasn't passion in that!
    • Even better, Conor's answer was accepted as "My Friend/Broski"!
    • Also, Will Power is unable to answer anything above the belt.
    Steve: A wife might tell her husband 'Yeah, I'll wear lingerie if you wear...' what?
    Will: A sock? (It's on the board as 'condom/weenie beanie')
    Steve: Name something of King Kong's that's really long.
    Will: His, uh...
    Hinch: Easy.
    Will: His ding-dong? (Also on the board as 'His King-A-Ling')
    • Also, Steve played wingman for the recently single Hinch.
  • Steve asks one man his occupation. "I'm a colon and rectal doctor." After Steve goes off on him about why they exist and wanting to poke his eye out (and getting the suggestion "Get a doctor with small hands", and holding up his own for emphasis), he moves on to his brother...who's a gastroenterologist.
    Steve: So y'all on one end, he's on the other? I just put it down there, y'all take it out? That is so jacked up.
  • October 13, 2016: "Name something you only have one set of." First, someone answers "Balls". Yes, it's up there. Later, another contestant answers "breasts", which is listed on the board as "Dairy Cannons". Steve is in disbelief about the Unusual Euphemism they used.
  • "Something you put on celery before eating it. You said 'Mustard'. [Beat] No one does that."
  • February 6, 2017: On one question, the buzzer doesn't make its sound when a player hits it (leading to an awkward moment).
    • During Fast Money: "Name something that goes up and down." "Breasts."
  • "Fill in the blank; some politicians belong in the White House. Others belong in the [blank]house." "The White House." Steve's reaction and mocking derails the game for several minutes, and he even uses the same mocking tone for his sign-off at the end of the show.
    Steve: Your brother-in-law got to be on YouTube!
  • July 9, 2017 (Celebrity Family Feud): "Name a word that rhymes with 'yummy'". Baseball player Pedro Martinez guesses Miami.
    • In the following game, one of the guesses for "Name a good place where you can cry" is "a restaurant". Harvey mocks it by assuming what a person might do in that situation and doesn't weep until he "opens up the menu".
  • July 13, 2017: "Name a type of suit that you shouldn't wear to the office." The contestant mishears Harvey and answers with: "Chicken noodle".
  • Steve Harvey asks a contestant to "Name something that dries up when it gets old". The first person to respond, Grant, meekly says, "Asparagus", and immediately cringes. It's not only up there (counted as "Fruits/Vegetables"), it's also the very top answer with 44 responses. Steve accuses Grant of making a guess he knew wasn't up there before finally admitting that he was the one that doubted it was up there.
    Steve Harvey: ...if the letters [in] "asparagus" had popped up on that board, (beat) I woulda shot myself.

    Australian Versions 
  • 1980s: Once, host Tony Barber accidentally asked a male contestant if he had a boyfriend, then realized his slip and corrected it to "girlfriend". The contestant's response? "No, I'm gay."
  • During Bert Newton's stint, there was a special with two teams of past TV Week Logie winners playing against each other. The women's team included Denise Drysdale, Jane Allsop, Jeanne Little, and Patricia "Little Pattie" Thompson. At one point, Bert very casually slips in that he's slept with two of them.
  • Another one from Bert's run - "Name a gift that's hard to return". When the Massa family is given a chance to steal, the lady at the end says "a vibrator". Cue dramatic music, Bert claiming that he doesn't know what it is, followed by him saying "uh..." like said device.
    Bert: You know, sometimes I do miss morning television.
  • From Grant Denyer's run in 2014: In an otherwise successful Fast Money round, the first contestant, asked "Name a type of badge," answers, "Chicken." He then refuses to say what if anything his thinking was, and Grant proceeds to mock him mercilessly while revealing the scores, during his teammate's turn, and even the following night, even while acknowledging that he got two top answers.
  • A Fast Money question: "Name something you eat for breakfast that you might also eat for dinner." Both contestants initially answer "Weet-Bix", the latter changing to "Toast." When asked, she mentions that their son is known for it.
  • Name a high school subject students actually enjoy. Sex Ed. Icing on the cake, Grant points out that their score up to that point was 69. The answer itself only got them four more points, though.
  • From Fast Money:
    Grant: Name a celebrity who's famous for being famous.
    Contestant: You?
    • It got zero points, not that it mattered after the 182 points the first contestant had accumulated. And for the record, the top answer with 51 points? Kim Kardashian.
  • "Name something that happens after you turn 65." The first contestant buzzes in and answers "You start losing your hearing." Grant leans in and says, "Pardon?" The contestant starts repeating herself, only to catch on after a moment.
  • "Name something you might see in a spotlight." One contestant decides to think outside the box - something that Grant notes he has been doing a lot since he's been on the show - and answers, "Fabric". It gets a strike. What really makes it funny is Grant being Late to the Punchline to realise he had Spotlight stores in mind.
  • One episode has Grant talking to a contestant mid-round about a past experience (which apparently ended up on YouTube) when he attempted to start a Mexican Wave at a basketball game, which petered out after the first lap of the stadium. Later in the round, Grant does a hilarious imitation of Derek trying to start the wave. To this, Derek retorts, "Very close to that, but just a bit more height," (in reference to Grant being frequently towered over by contestants, which himself has joked about). It gets a noticeably shocked reaction from the studio audience and his family, and a feigned Death Glare from Grant, who then proceeds to start a more successful wave in said studio audience.
  • "Name something that uses wire." The first contestant, Helen, buzzes in and answers "A stage," rather awkwardly trying to explain that you need wire to connect microphones to the stage. It gets a strike, the opposing player get it right, then passer it over to the first one. Helen gets a turn and again answers, "A microphone", slightly more confidently. It gets laughter from the audience, and a strike. And then, in a later round, the question is "Name something you plug in," and then Helen again answers "A microphone". She immediately winces at it, Grant facepalms, and then her teammate starts clapping and saying "Good answer!" At this point Grant grabs said teammate's hands and forces them down on the desk, before shouting, both at the team and the studio audience, "Stop clapping! Stop clapping, it was not a good answer! Helen, you cannot say 'microphone' for every question!"
  • "Name a type of frame." Somehow the answers that came out were "story", "car" and the best one "chicken."
  • "Name something you do to get your partner's attention." "Take your clothes off." Grant's reaction is hilarious, as is the fact that the answer got eight points, while the first contestant's answer, "Say their name", got seven.
  • "Name another word for 'throw'" "Pass." Grant starts asking the question again before realising that was the answer.
  • The TV Hosts vs Newsreaders episode of All Star Family Feud was hilarious from start to finish. Highlights include:
    • Grant acting like a massive fanboy over the TV Hosts for the entire hour and utterly squeeing whenever he had to interact with Tony Barbernote 
    • At one point Grant asks Tony if he can recreate his famous "entry" into the studio a la Tony's entrance on Sale of the Century. Tony not only obliges, but then gets Grant to do the same.
    • Repeated jokes around Tony and Grant comparing heights.
    • During Fast Money, Grant is about to read the last two answers to Kerri-Anne Kennerley when Tony proceeds to call out Grant for stalling, then cuts in. He starts also stalling, resulting in Glenn Ridge note  taking over, then John Burgess note  cuts in and takes over from Glenn!
    • Just the fact that three out of four of the TV Hosts team were former Game Show hosts and had now come full circle being contestants on a game show is hilarious in and of itself.

    Home Games 
  • The Home Game on the SNES had a rather, shall we say, "forgiving" text parser: basically, it only checks to see if your guess has all the letters that one of the board answers has. This allows players to get away with putting in all sorts of crap, from Word-Salad Humor to Refuge in Audacity, into the parser and have it counted right (for example, "I BATHED KEANU REEVES" registers as "BAKER"). Best demonstrated by this tool-assisted speedrun.