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Heartwarming: Face/Off

The Film

  • Archer, his real face restored, comes home. The shot then changes to show that he has adopted Castor Troy's son Adam. Mother and daughter? ...are overcome by tears.
  • How Archer claims that he doesn't deserve the standing ovation despite catching the criminal he wanted. Listing the names of those who were shot by Castor in the shootout. Even if Archer acts the part of the Cowboy Cop, this shows that at the very least, he thinks that those who die are much more important than himself.

The Series

  • In season 5, Tate accidentally drops his heavy mold onto one of his fingers and completely smashes it, forcing him to go to the hospital. Not knowing how long he'll be gone, and realizing that he has a huge sculpt to prepare, everyone who has time to spare begins opening and cleaning out his mold. They even manage to get a layer of latex in it by the time he returns.
  • When Laney was suffering from homesickness in Season 5, the other contestants' instincts was to close ranks around her.
  • Seeing each season's final trio reunited with their loved ones as a pre-Grand Finale prize, either via Skype or in person.
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