Awesome / Face/Off

The film

  • A boat uses another boat as a ramp, and the ramp blows up behind it.
  • The entire boat chase
  • The opening shootout at the airport.
  • Archer staging a prison break and escaping from Erehwon.
  • The shootout at the apartment between the FBI and Castor's gang.
  • The final standoff at the church.
  • Castor Troy foiling his own Evil Plan by disarming Sinclair.
  • Castor delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Jamie's boyfriend.

The reality show

  • Eric F and Kris's entry into the Giant Challenge - a twelve-foot tall monster with heads the size of a human torso, and the model reduced to tiny Jack in the giants' arms. Still one of the largest makeups ever seen on the show. It won hands-down.
  • The final designs for the Finale of each season, particularly Tate's post-apocalyptic Little Red Riding Hood in Season 1, Rayce's Sci-Fi Choreography from Season 2, Nicole's Water-based Good Witch and Demon performing action acrobatics in Season 3, Kris's Metal-based Ethereal Cirque du Soleil performance from Season 4, Laura's Renaissance swan and sorcerer ballet duo from Season 5, & Tyler's Leo constellation alien duo from season 6, Drew's undead and living faun knights from season &, Logan's {{ -esque}} team from season 8, Nora's work for "The Prey" short film in season 9, and Walter's pumpkin like-demon from season 10.
  • Two from Episode 2 of Season 4:
    • Anthony managing to win the episode and get his character into a DC comic with his superhero makeup despite the catastrophic failure of his chestpiece to even come out of the mold, just one hour before judgment time.
    • Michael's model performing an impromptu backflip, on stage, in costume. Sure, the costume itself was in bottom looks and Michael wound up losing, but for a few glorious moments, that stunt clearly impressed everyone there, and made it look like a real potential superhero.
  • Lyma's pregnant Mother Earth is beautiful and striking.
  • Rashaad's fire man robot,you literally won't believe it's not metal.
  • Dina's high-fashion Aphrodite with a fantastically gorgeous seashell headdress. No wonder she got a unanimous win.
  • Darla's porcelain doll and Emily's ragdoll creations from the deadly dolls challenge look inhuman. [[ See]] for yourself
  • Ben and jasmine's work on the Beetejuice inspired wedding day challenge, an awesome winning look for the 100th episode.