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Heartwarming: Dot A 2
  • The entire Diretide 2013 fiasco finally ends with a blog post by the Dota 2 team, called "Not My Best Work!" The Dota 2 team apologizes for not adding Diretide, but also gives good reason for why they couldn't. For reasons such as Diretide not being as easy to turn on as the community thought and underestimating how much they might want it, the most important one was that they actually had a major update in the works for Dota 2 which was currently in final testing. Along with this hint (possibly Legion Commander?), they've also announced Diretide will be in the next update along with some new changes. Even though they got blasted by the community for it, the Dota 2 team ends on this note:
    "Paying attention to what is happening in the community around Dota 2 is one of the most important aspects of what we do at Valve. And while we are clearly not mistake-proof, hopefully it is useful for us to walk everyone through our process for recognizing and then fixing our mistakes."

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