Heartwarming / Die Another Day

  • Bond's frantic, determined efforts to rescue Jinx. The relief on his face when she finally opens her eyes is wrenching. Although the movie treats their relationship as a superficial one, Pierce Brosnan acted his heart out in this scene, and he was able to convince you in those brief moments that his character genuinely cared about Jinx, and that she was so much more to him than just another notch on his bedpost. If she had died, you get the impression that Bond would've been utterly devastated. It's quite remarkable how emotional this scene is considering that most of the movie is very vapid.
  • One that appears in the German translation: When Bond accompanies Jinx to Grave's presentation at his ice palace, the exchange between them was translated to something, that gives it a cuter undertone. It roughly translates back to
    Bond: What happened to little Jinx?
    Jinx: Oh, for you I'll always stay little Jinx.