Fridge: Die Another Day

  • Zao's "gene therapy" procedure is interrupted, leaving him hairless, with pale skin and icy blue eyes — yet his face is still diamond encrusted from his first encounter with Bond. If he was hoping to change his identity, wouldn't that have been the first thing the doctor would've removed?
    • Vanity is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Bond uses the ejector seat to revert the flipped car... and minutes later puts Jinx in the seat that shouldn't be there!
    • No, he doesn't—he kind of lays her down in the space where a seat should be.
  • The concept of the bad guy as a North Korean leader with dreams of conquest who was able to turn himself into a Westerner who is being worshiped by the Western World and who has a hot blond babe in love him may be cheesy, but we did have a certain North Korean leader who had been known for having particular... obsessions with the West. Whether the knowledge of this parody makes the movie all the more enjoyable or not is up to the viewer.
  • The Vanquish conceals itself thanks to tiny cameras all around it. Fact. But what happens when snow falls on the roof? Somebody might go, "Gee, that snow isn't quite touching the ground. In fact, it's falling in the perfect three-dimensional representation of a car. Oughtn't I go check this out?" Worse yet, the cloaking effect would be ruined when it's hailing taxis outside.
    • Even with the visual stealth, we know for a fact that the car isn't silent. That's a V12 engine in there, it's going to be loud, even idling. We even see one of the guards perk up for a moment when he hears the sound of a car engine, but he dismisses it.
  • A scene in which Bond hides behind his Vanquish, with its cloaking device. We've been given an explanation of how the Vanquish works, which means Bond's image should simply be reproduced on the other side, visible to the guard.
    • It doesn't seem as if he's really "hidden," just in cover in case he's spotted and someone starts shooting. He may just be crouching out of habit, or because a crouching target is harder to spot than a standing man.