Heartwarming / Desperate Housewives

  • A very sweet touching scene comes in Season 8, at the funeral of Chuck Vance. Bree tells Renee that she will always be her closest friend, even if she's known the other girls longer, simply because she was there to save her life.
  • Doubling with Tear Jerker is Mary Alice's ending narration for "Bang!" Normally, she acts as a detattached omnicisent narrator. In this instance, she says that this would be the last time Lynette would dream of her, and that she is glad for it, a rare gesture of emotion on Mary Alice's part.
  • Again doubling with Tear Jerker, in 'Welcome to Kanagawa' when the Scavos are pulled out of the rubble and Ida Greenburg is nowhere to be found, Edie reaches out with a silent gesture of friendship as she slips her hand into Karen's moments after biting her head off.