Fridge / Desperate Housewives

Fridge Brilliance
  • During the Desperate Housewives Season 6 finale, Angie spills time by closing the car door, even though her son is at home with a bomb. Watching again you realize, she does it to make sure Patrick stays in the car with the real bomb.
  • It struck this troper that Wisteria Lane, as a depiction of a North American upper-middle class suburb, has been occupied by every single white-collar professional there is (lawyers, doctors, businessmen etc) except for architects. The reason is clear: no self-respecting architect of discernment or taste would deign to live in an area which is evidently a ticky-tacky, mock-traditional pastiche neighbourhood a la Seaside, FL! That said, many architects probably wouldn't be able to afford to live there even if they tried...