Heartwarming / Code MENT

  • Lelouch and Mao's friendship in this series. The fact that Mao received a terrible fate in the original series and the only person he considered a friend was C.C., who abandoned him, didn't hurt.
    Lelouch: Oh, enough of this idle chit-chat, what's your stake in this Mao? Why are you here?
    Mao: Ah, its a really weird story man, I don't even think you would believe it. But put it very, very simply, that green-haired girl you're always with, I think she's a psycho.
    Lelouch: Mao, will you be my best friend?
    Mao: Huh?
    Lelouch: We have so much in common.
    Mao: You know its funny, I thought today was going to suck, but turns out I'm going to find the girl I've been looking for forever, and I got a new best friend.
    Lelouch: *looks up and stares out the window*
    (Cut to an unstable Shirley pointing a gun at both of them)
    • Turns out Mao wasn't lying either, when Lelouch gets shot Mao really is concerned for his safety:
    Mao: Lelouch buddy, you okay?
    Lelouch: I feel like sunshine right now.
  • The fact that Lelouch did actually come to help C.C. in the end and even called in Ex-LAPD officers.
    • At the beginning of the episode, Lelouch is trying to talk C.C. out of her Death Seeker mode, which is nice of him. Even if he's comically terrible at it.
  • 14.5 is great in that it's both casts of the abridged series having a crazy night together as friends. The plot is more of a side act compared to everything else that's going on.
  • Lelouch breaking C.C. away from Suzaku to stop her showing him old Madonna music videos.
  • It's rather sweet that the first thing Lelouch says after he shoots himself (which is hilarious) is the last thing his mother said before she died: "that smarts".
  • The completely legitimate concern Lelouch displays when Nunally appears to be in danger from a bomb.
  • As misguided as it was, Suzaku's refusal to rescue Nunally so as not to contribute to the Damsel in Distress trope shows how much he respects and believes in her regardless of her disabilities.
    Suzaku: What do you see up there?
    Suzaku: Well I see a handicapable girl. Sure, life's beaten her down a little bit, but that's not gonna stop her. Nothing's gonna stop her. She could be president of the world one day.
  • The fact that Mao never put Nunally in any actual danger and was only trying to make a scavenger hunt to teach Lelouch a lesson about holding onto his loved ones.