Heartwarming: Code MENT

  • Lelouch and Mao's friendship in this series. The fact that Mao received a terrible fate in the original series and the only person he considered a friend was C.C., who abandoned him, didn't hurt.
    Lelouch: Oh, enough of this idle chit-chat, what's your stake in this Mao? Why are you here?
    Mao: Ah, its a really weird story man, I don't even think you would believe it. But put it very, very simply, that green-haired girl you're always with, I think she's a psycho.
    Lelouch: Mao, will you be my best friend?
    Mao: Huh?
    Lelouch: We have so much in common.
    Mao: You know its funny, I thought today was going to suck, but turns out I'm going to find the girl I've been looking for forever, and I got a new best friend.
    Lelouch: *looks up and stares out the window*
    (Cut to an unstable Shirley pointing a gun at both of them)
    • Turns out Mao wasn't lying either, when Lelouch gets shot Mao really is concerned for his safety:
    Mao: Lelouch buddy, you okay?
    Lelouch: I feel like sunshine right now.
  • The fact that Lelouch did actually come to help C.C. in the end and even called in Ex-LAPD officers.
    • At the beginning of the episode, Lelouch is trying to talk C.C. out of her Death Seeker mode, which is nice of him. Even if he's comically terrible at it.
  • 14.5 is great in that it's both casts of the abridged series having a crazy night together as friends. The plot is more of a side act compared to everything else that's going on.
  • Lelouch breaking C.C. away from Suzaku to stop her showing him old Madonna music videos.
  • It's rather sweet that the first thing Lelouch says after he shoots himself (which is hilarious) is the last thing his mother said before she died: "that smarts".
  • The completely legitimate concern Lelouch displays when Nunally appears to be in danger from a bomb.